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Special Guest Edgelord Cosplay


Kicking down the doors with a good dose of action/shounen cosplay, we welcome Edgelord Cosplay (aka Kyle Kraljevich) to the FreeCon Special Guest lineup. He will be attending all threee days of the con, and plans to bring his A-game with his popular, complex costumes from both anime and video games. On top of the fabric and wigs, Edgelord Cosplay even reaches into prop making, and you can look forward to discussing his techniques at the con. Find his and get some pics, as it's guaranteed your friends will recognize who he's dressed as! Check out the Special Guests tab for more info.

Dealer's Registration Closed


In addition to Special Guest Registration wrapping up, we have finally reached a point in the year where we have filled most of our space in the Dealer's Room, with quality-tested Vendors and Artists, and so we have officially closed Registration for the year. With several on the waitlist, we know the entire Dealer's Room will be filled to the brim with the best, merchants from all around the FL convention scene, some old and some new. So don't think you've seen all we have to show in the Dealer's Room!

Indiegogo Completed


We want to give a big round of applause, a warm thank you, to all of the contributers to this year's Indiegogo. It's a success in our eyes, to see all of the effort that went into spreading the word, building a network, and reaching out to many new people who hadn't heard about us before. Thank you as well to all those who could not financially contribute, but who felt just as passionately and told those they knew. We'll definitely be able to do some new things this year, all made possible by the generous body of our attendees.

Special Guest Mystori


She's been on the scene since 2011, let's give a round of applause for our next Special Guest, cosplayer Mystori! She's got a lot of heart, and a lot of cosplay outfits to show off over the weekend of the con, as she'll be here all three days. Cosplaying both anime and western media, she's got a repertoire ranging from Disney to Fairy Tail. Additionally, you can catch her in conversation about her gaming channel, where she plays many of the new, exciting games in the community. Check out the Special Guests tab for more info.

Special Guest Fudgie


With all of our Special Guests, we couldn't miss Fudgie, a world-class cosplayer who has taken her talents to many, many cons throughout the area. She's been everywhere there is to put on some mad cosplay skills, winning several awards. And now, she'll be right in our neighborhood, offering tips for sewing, makeup, and design. Expect to see her all three days of the con, and she stresses that she's always open to meeting folks and exchanging ideas. Check out the Special Guests tab for more info.

Special Guest Rumitto


FreeCon loves Rumitto! As a very professional, and very active NB cosplayer, Rumitto fills many niches in a whole diverse layout of cosplay in shounen, fantasy, and even western cosplays. They have a loyal following, and we are finally able to proudly announce their appearance this year. They'll be here Saturday and Sunday, so be on the lookout for their informative panels about the intersection of identity and the costuming arts. Check out the Special Guests tab for more info.

Special Guest Gilded Moon


FreeCon is always enthused to be able to welecome back returning guests, and this one has been with us many years, at various levels of officiality. Gilded Moon had attended FreeCon in years past as an attendee, just developing her skills in cosplay, winning the Cosplay Contest year after year. Eventually she wanted to step up her game, and contribute to helping other find their way in the art of costume, by becoming a Special Guest. Look forward to panels, as well as her judging your craftsmanship. Check out the Special Guests tab for more info.

Special Guest VerglasPrince


Returning back for another year of Disney tunes and cosplay, VerglasPrince (aka Devon Chambers) is sure to impress the Tallahassee community with his art, specializing in cosplay from all our childhoods. Western animation is beloved to a lot of us, and VerglasPrince encapsulates a variety of the characters we see from both theatrical and syndicated children's media. And he's got a penchant for villains! Check out the Special Guests tab for more info.

FreeCon Official Room Block


Don't know where to stay for the con? Well, FreeCon can at least offer a suggestion, with a continuation of our partnership with the Courtyard Marriott Tallahassee Capitol hotel. This year will be similar to last, and you can reserve both online and on the phone. To see the deal, just click on our new Hotel tab. There you can see detailed instructions. It's guaranteed quality, in a town with lots of hotels, and many hard choices as to where you should stay. Make it easy, and get a room with FreeCon!

Special Guest Hanari Solomon


Let's get ready to rev up the con, cause we have a turbo-charged Overwatch Junkrat enthsiast, cosplayer Hanari Solomon! She'll be here all 3 days, so you can catch her possibly coplaying as one of her many iterations of Junkrat, or comic characters. Tons of fun to be had in any of her panels, and to get some insight on video game-specific cosplay is certainly going to be a good time. Maybe you can even challenge her to an online match! Check out the Special Guests tab for more info.

Second Special Guest


Let's give a warm FreeCon welcome to our second Sepcial Guest, cosplayer Jess Blais Cosplay (aka Jessica Blais)! Attending all three days of the con, Jess may surely surprise us with any number of fantastic homemade costumes. She ranges over video games and anime, and may even show you how she crafts such masterful cosplays in a panel. Be sure to keep an eye out for a photo OP. Check out our Special Guests tab for more info.

First Special Guest


Introducing God Hand Cosplay (aka Jasmine Guy), FreeCon's first Special Guest! Cosplayer and Artist, she will be attending and ready to take photos both Friday and Saturday of the con. Cosplay guests like her can be found judging the Cosplay Contest, or running their own panels/workshops pertaining to their craft. Who knows what she'll be cosplaying this year, but we look forward to all of her expertise nonetheless. Check out our Special Guests tab for more info.

Indiegogo has Launched


The time has finally come, everyone's favorite way to support FreeCon is here! Every year, we launch a crowdfunding campaign on the platform Indiegogo, as a way to make contributing to the continued operation of FreeCon easy, and in the hands of the community, no matter where you find yourself. Each year, we like to theme the campaign around our mascots, and that decides what reward tiers and perks we offer. If you want to help us out, and keep the "Free" in FreeCon, then please consider donating.

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New Mascots Revealed


Meet the FreeCon 14 mascots characters, Ceylon (left) and Chispa (right)! They're a super close pair, facing the 25th century , out against the business practices and corporations of the future, in our humble, cyberpunk setting. Expect a world built through the short stories and art of our creative team, updated a least once a week on the Mascots tab. There you'll be able to see previews of the artwork and prints Freecon has to offer, as well as fun little fiction about their lives.

Morgan Berry Confirmed


FreeCon is now able to warmly welcome it's second media guest from the voice acting industry, Morgan Berry! She holds many roles across various genres of anime, along with her work in video games and web series. Don't be fooled by the fact she's a girl, as many of her leading roles are men characters, both young and adult. With such a scope and talent, we can't wait to see what sort of panels and activities she can be a part of! Check out the Media Guest page for more info.

Second Media Guest


The second headlining Media Guest for FreeCon 14 is on the horizon! They've held leading roles in a lot of anime we love, and you certainly won't want to miss their panels. Here's a teaser image that gives you some clues as to whom we might expect. They can be your hero, or your villain!

Caitlynn French Confirmed


FreeCon's first Media Guest comes in with a bang! Introducing Caitlynn French, whose roles proceed her. If you've never heard OF her, we guarantee you've heard her, playing many fan favorite roles, as a claasic archetype of the petite, cute anime girls which define many a show. Check out the new Media Guests page for more info.

Dates and First Media Guest


Officially, we are proud to announce that this year's FreeCon will be held for a full 3-day weekend, March 23-25, 2018! We can't wait and neither should you, so make sure to stop by all the new tabs added to the website, and certainly make sure to pre-register. Even consider running a panel! Additionally, our first media guest confirmation is around the corner, so here's some hints in the image.

FreeCon 14 Dates Coming


Get hype, the dates for FreeCon 14 are incoming, and fast! We'll be announcing them on Monday, November 6th, once we have proper confirmation from our venue on the details. That's when you'll know, and when the full website, registrations and all, will be live. Check back then!

Maid Cafe Meetings


If you've ever been to our maid cafe, you'll know it's one of the most popular events for a reason. A lot of care and resources go into the maid cafe, and so we always appreciate any interest from the community in joining us to make it happen. There are plently of meetings throughout Fall, and more will come in Spring. You can come to any of these meetings if you'd like to help out, especially in performing! Contact the lead maids with any questions.

Maid Cafe Facebook

Interest Meeting


Every year, FreeCon recruits both students and the general public to help plan and create as a part of it's staff. We'd love to get as many people as are interested to come out and see what it's all about. This year's interest meeting will be held Saturday, October 21st, at 1pm. Details on where to go and how to get there on the event linked below. Being staff isn't the same as volunteering, as staff are able to make creative decisions and have a voice in what we do. Come let yours be heard!

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Website Holdover and Planning


The 14th year of FSU's annual enthusiast convention is upon us! We're very excited to begin planning, and happy to introduce our current holdover site, which we intend to update with the full live site within the month. As of now, FreeCon's first information session for any interested in joining our staff is coming up, if you live in Tallahassee, please consider joining us. More info to come.