Dealer's Room Information

Before you register as an artist, we recommend you familiarize youself with this page's info. Artist Registration

Hours of Operation

Unloading—Friday, March 23rd: 6pm-10pm

Saturday, March 24th: 11am-8pm

Sunday, March 25th: 11am-5pm

Room Layout

The FreeCon 14 Dealer's Room is located in the Oglesby Student Union with the rest of the convention, but on the third floor, in the Union ballrooms, named the Florida, State, and University Ballrooms. This is a secure location, meaning it is indoors, and will be locked each evening when the Dealer's Room closes. To promote loss prevention, we plan to only have one entrance/exit door to the Dealer's Room when it's open, locking all others. The layout of the tables and chairs is different from year's past so take special note of where you would like to be placed. Artists will be placed in the A booths.


Booth Pricing

The Artist's booths come in one size. You can see size specifications below. You can purchase more than one booth, however. You are allowed to bring your own tables and chairs if you do not require ours. You also aren't required to request the maximum amount of chairs. Each table seats up to 2 chairs.


Other Information

This has to do with ammenities and policies.


Wireless internet is provided to all attendees and artists free-of-charge, on FSU's guest network. Any staff will be able to help you if you need it.


There is no guarantee that you will be placed near enough to an outlet for a standard cable to reach. we recommend bringing an extension cable or power strip (not provided).


This year, FreeCon is encouraging a more ergonomic footpath system, and so the only booths against a wall this year are D20-25. This is to prevent dead ends and traffic jams.

18+ Booths

As FreeCon takes place on a university campus, we encourage a healthy adult section of participation for our attendees and welcome 18+ vendor materials. We do keep it responsible with placement and ID checks.


Also due to our location on a university campus, we are held to avoid allowing weapons of any kind to be held or exchanged at FreeCon, including prop and cosplay weapons. So we do not allow any vendor to sell real or costume weapons.


Keep in mind that our convention is open to enthusiasts of all kinds, but our most relevant attendance comes from fans of anime and video game media. Because of this, we prioritize relevant genres, so keep in mind your target market.

Submission and Cancellation Deadlines

Last Day to Submit Application: 11:59pm Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Last Day to Cancel: 11:59pm Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Artist Registration