Artist Alley

Located in Dealer's Room alongside Vendor's Room

Friday, 3:00pm-10:00pm • Saturday, 10:00am-10:00pm • Sunday, 10:00am-5:30pm

  • A1-A2 • PhoenixCrash and Bennyfits

    Sivhouy Dawson
  • PhoenixCrash has been dabbling in art since a wee little child. She focuses on anime style and fan art and stream her works on Twitch. Currently makes random emotes for streamers and BTTV as well as Twitch avatar art. Stop on by have a chat or check out her twitch channel where she also streams games and art. Bennyfits is a streamer on Twitch. He streams games. You get to watch. Benny started streaming early this year and got partnered shortly after. He is here at FreeCon to sell you his plushies.
  • A3-A4 • LeeRea Paintings

    Ricque Lee Binns
  • Sell fan-based art and Original Canvas and water color paintings, unique jewelry.
  • A5 • Gilded Moon Cosplay and Crafts

    Megan Smith
  • Gilded Moon Cosplay brings a fun mix of crafting and costuming that everyone can enjoy! Stop by to see costumes on display, as well as wearable art you can walk away with!
  • A6 • MushroomBro

    Christina Ibarra
  • Fandom prints and crafts made just for you!
  • A7 • Author Brian McAfee

  • Author Brian McAfee offers copies of his Madoka Magica and Robotech books, as well as Robotech memorabilia and anime themed clocks.
  • A8 • Naomi Franq

    Naomi Franquiz
  • Naomi Franquiz (aka Franq) is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist. Her most recent published story is through Power & Magic Press as part of a successfully funded anthology. She is currently working on several upcoming projects, including a short story through Image Comics series "Bitch Planet" (by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine Delandro). Get her some coffee. She's probably tired."
  • A9 • Tifany Gonzalez

  • Tifany is an artist local to Florida. She sells charms/keychains, Prints, Zines, Posters and does on the spot commissions!
  • A10 • Grandma Thunderpants

    Sarah Dixon
  • Handmade jewelry and trinkets, from tiny food to tiny people!
  • A11-A12 • Nen Chang

  • Cover artist Nen Chang will be selling con-exclusive prints and originals.
  • A13 • TFOTR

    Erin Primm
  • TFOTR's art.
  • A14 • StarInMyPocket

    Sarah Schedler
  • Star can usually be found on etsy or at cons with fanart, original art, and a plethora of chibi art available as print, buttons, keychains, stickers and more. She will also be taking chibi commissions on 4x6 cards or drawn chibi keychain commissions.
  • A15 • Fangirlnista

    Nara Walker
  • Fandom Crafts and Cuteness
  • A16 • Atama Mama Works

    Kalra Vincent
  • Five year FreeCon Veteran, Atama Mama, returns with even more awesome prints! Up for grabs are charms, prints, decoden, and trinkets! Atama has expanded her fandoms, so if you didn’t see any of your favs last year, you may be in luck. Commissions are open, but chatting is free. So come on out!
  • A17 • The Threaded Scale

    Samantha Brito
  • Ever wonder what a dragon does when it's bored? Utilizing durable aluminium and soft threads, from elegant chain crafts to nerdy plush friends, the forgemaster has everything you want at The Threaded Scale. Come down and meet the dragon herself!
  • A18 • Linda K. Burgess

  • " Linda K. Burgess is a self-taught digital artist/character designer/animator. Local to Panama City, FL. Her love of Japanese Comics, English Novels and American Animation inspires her work."
  • A19 • Asia Martinez Studios

    Asia Martinez
  • Free prizes, free hugs, affordable commissions, and more. Posters ,stickers, and a free comic. Come for the free stuff, stay for the fun. Watch our artist draw live.
  • A20 • Velcro: The Ninja Kat

    Chris Widdop
  • The action packed tale of one cat's mission to save the world from the Devil Corps' secret war.