Cosplay Contest Rules

Categories, Criteria, and Rules of Entry Remember to Pre-Register for the Con

Inclusion Statement

FreeCon and its staff strongly uphold the standards of FSU’s non-discrimination policies, which hold that we will not deny any applicant by reason of race, gender, age, orientation, disability status, or religious beliefs. Additionally, FreeCon upholds the standards of diversity in cosplay as an art, wherein the costume itself is judged without regard to body type, skin color, perceived sex, or race.

Rules of Entry

  1. Costumes must be at least 50% homemade; judges will examine the craftsmanship of the costumes via interview and craftsmanship criteria.
  2. If a contestant is modelling a costume, the original creator(s) must be attending the convention as well and they will be the award recipient.
  3. Group entrees will be allowed to a maximum of 6 people.
  4. Entrees may only receive one title/prize each, no double winning.
  5. Costumes must cover at least the swimsuit area. The contest is for all ages/PG-13 and inappropriate costumes will not be allowed.
  6. You MUST go to prejudging to be eligible for entry. No at the door admission.
  7. No skits will be permitted, when on stage the entree will pose for audience pictures briefly, then walk off stage.
  8. “Light props” are permitted, which means props that aren’t a weapon, such as flowers, a skateboard, or a fan. Staffs, lightsabers, and bats are all considered weapons. See our FAQ for Cosplay Restrictions. It’s your responsibility to contact us about whether your prop qualifies or not.*
  9. No body paint, glitter, confetti, or fake blood. You may also be denied entry to the convention if you use these.
  10. There is no age limit for entry.

*Registration will be checking for all of these items at the door, if a guest has a prop weapon it will be safety taped/peace tied and held by admission staff. Contestants will NOT be permitted to bring any of these items to be prejudged or on stage. Entrees who disobey these rules will not be eligible for entry/disqualified, per convention regulations.

Pre-Registration Requirements

  1. Follow all “Rules of Entry”.
  2. Must fill out sign in sheet provided at prejudging.
  3. Must be able to participate in an interview in costume.

Note: If you are disabled and use a wheelchair, we are able to accommodate you.

Winner Titles

  • Honorable Mention
  • Judge's Choice
  • Best Junior Cosplay
  • Best Group Cosplay
  • Runner-Up
  • Best in Show