Dealer's Room Information

Check out all of our Vendors and Artists this year, and see what tables they'll be at!

Hours of Operation

Unloading—Friday, March 23rd: 6pm-10pm

Saturday, March 24th: 11am-8pm

Sunday, March 25th: 11am-5pm


Artist Alley (A1-A20)

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Vendor's Room (D1a-D25)

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A1 Author Brian McAfee
A2 AOQart
A3 Fishy Business
A4 StarGalaxyBoy
A5 Velcro the Ninja Kat
A6 Dash Martin
A7 Unicorn Strands
A8 Atama Mama Works
A9 Mahou Ouji
A10 Gilded Moon
A11 Squibblefu
A12 Siena and Ally: Weeb Duo
A13 CT Callahan
A14 Naomi Franquiz
A15 Daniel Hooker
A16 Tigerlily Creations, LLC
A17 PhoenixCrash and Bennyfits
A18 StarInMyPocket
A19-20 Brenz From Space
D1 Epicycle Studios
D2 Exile Into Imagination
D3 BMP Limited
D4 Extreme Kawaii
D5-6a TomatoCreations
D6b VectorDragon
D7 Vinyl Vault
D8-9 Capital City Comics and Toys
D10-12 Anime Crew LLC
D13 Sugar Lagoon
D14 Small Obsession
D15 Dreamland Collectives: Lolita Dreamland
D18-19a Ikonic Pop!
D19b M.a.D.
D20 Two-Bit Productions
D21-25 Echo Arts and Gifts