Dealer's Room Information

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Hours of Operation

Unloading—Friday, March 8th: 4pm-10pm

Saturday, March 9th: 11am-8pm

Sunday, March 10th: 11am-5pm


Artist Alley (A1-A10)

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Vendor's Room (D1a-D16b)

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A1 Dotstronaut Creations
A2 Nico Illustrates & JunkJack
A3 iCreateuImagine
A4 Mahou Ouji
A5 Achjayel
A6 Kris Ibarra
A7 Naomi Franq
A9 Cat Creek Collectibles
A10 Witch Cauldron Creations
D1 Ikonic Pop!
D2 OldJapanToys
D3-D5 Echo Arts and Gifts
D6 Mikan School (Muroid LLC)
D7 Epicycle Studios llc
D8a VectorDragon
D8b Tigerlily Creations, LLC
D9-D10 TomatoCreations
D11-D12 Anime Crew LLC
D13 FANime Treasures
D14 Exile Into Imagination
D15 Extreme Kawaii
D16 Vinyl Vault