Dealer's Room Information

Navigate to the descriptions of our vendors and Artists as they're accepted! Placements will be available closer to the con.

Hours of Operation

Unloading—Friday, March 8th: 4pm-10pm

Saturday, March 9th: 11am-8pm

Sunday, March 10th: 11am-5pm


Artist Alley (A1-A10)

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Vendor's Room (D1a-D16b)

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TBD Achjayel
TBD Cat Creek Collectibles
TBD Dotstronaut Creations
TBD iCreateuImagine
TBD Mahou Ouji
TBD Naomi Franq
TBD Nico Illustrates & JunkJack
TBD Witch Cauldron Creations
TBD Anime Crew LLC
TBD Echo Arts and Gifts
TBD Epicycle Studios llc
TBD Exile Into Imagination
TBD Extreme Kawaii
TBD FANime Treasures
TBD Ikonic Pop!
TBD Mikan School (Muroid LLC)
TBD OldJapanToys
TBD Tigerlily Creations, LLC
TBD TomatoCreations
TBD VectorDragon
TBD Vinyl Vault