Artist Alley Descriptions

See what Artists interest you with their wares! There's something for everyone.


Author Brian McAfee

Author Brian McAfee offers copies of his books, as well as anime-themed clocks, coins, buttons and prints.



AOQart has two artists who are selling art prints, bookmarks, buttons, and charms from a variety of fandoms such as BNHA, YOI, Voltron, SU, Danganronpa, Star Wars, Marvel, pride merch, and more!


Fishy Business

Fishy Business is here to add a colorful splash to your Freecon experience! With buttons, stickers, prints, plushies, and more, there's some fishy fun for everyone at this table.



A self-taught artist who loves Anime and video games.


Velcro the Ninja Kat

The action-packed tale of one cat's mission to save the world from the Devil Corps' secret war.


Dash Martin

Local artist Dash Martin specializes in comic book, sci-fi and video game art.


Unicorn Strands

The love of anime combined with the power of yarn, a company known as Unicorn Strands is here to provide a crochet haven of cute, affordable anime inspired accessories and memorabilia for your purchasing pleasure. Collect handmade crocheted items born from the fandom of your favorite games and animated series. I encourage you to stop by. So come, get tangled in the magic!


Atama Mama Works

Atama Mama Works is back in the artist alley for their 5th consecutive year. As always they come bearing arts, crafts, and original fanart from popular media. If you don't see what you're looking for, commission slots will be open for the duration of the event. The AMW crew invites you to come peruse their prints, coo at their crafts, or just stop by for a friendly chat.


Mahou Ouji

Self-taught Manga artist who loves drawing Bishonen & Creator of the webcomic "The Creepy Kids".


Gilded Moon

Gilded Moon pushes her boundaries with new creations that appeal to everyone. Her rotating stock of available costume accessories and commission slots allow anyone to get the perfect piece for the right price!



Welcome to the squibblefu cafe where we may fulfill your fanart needs with items ranging from prints to charms~ Check our menu on Instagram for a sneak peek!


Siena and Ally: Weeb Duo

Siena and Ally will fufill your anime fix, no matter if you're looking for hand drawn or digitally done.


CT Callahan

CT Callahan is an author, artist, and editor creating fandom and original works.


Naomi Franquiz

Naomi Franquiz is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist working out of delightfully dank Florida. Her original work has been published in the POWER & MAGIC Press anthology and self-published online, as well as through IMAGE and DARKHORSE. She is currently working on MISFIT CITY from BOOM!Box. You can find her online sleep-tweeting or aggressively enjoying video compilations of rude cats.


Daniel Hooker

Daniel is a professional illustrator with lots of original content. Check out his work!


Tigerlily Creations, LLC

Custom pixel art designs created just for you.


PhoenixCrash and Bennyfits

"Phoenixcrash is a self taught artist that streams games and art on Twitch. She does emotes for Twitch Affiliates streamers and some partners and likes to draw in anime and cute styles. You can check her work out on deviantart or watch her draw live on Saturdays at
Bennyfits is a monster who streams games on Twitch with a family friend atmosphere. He has appeared in Rolling Stones ""21 Trailblazing Twitch Streamers to Watch Now."" Come on by and check him out at the artist alley or head over to"



Star is back as usual with a variety of prints not to mention probably a wagon load of chibi art! Art items include stickers, buttons, keychains, and more. For anyone interested, Freecon is one of the few cons she still accepts chibi commissions during. ☆ヾ(*´▽`)


Brenz From Space

Brendon is a rad transgender artist from south Georgia. He spends his free time painting and drawing monsters and cartoons. During 8-5, he works as a graphic designer.

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