Artist Alley Descriptions

See what Artists interest you with their wares! There's something for everyone.


Dotstronaut Creations

Dotstronaut Creations is all about out-of-this world original comics, toys, art, and gear. Geek out over your favorite shows, get exclusive access to sketchbooks, and have the opportunity to purchase a custom commission of whatever your heart desires.


Nico Illustrates & JunkJack

Come drop by for fanworks and original art!



iCreateuImagine is an Etsy shop providing handmade crafts made with polymer clay. Figurines, miniatures, earrings and holiday gifts for gamer, animal and travel lovers, you will find unique gifts for you & your loved ones!


Mahou Ouji

Creepy cute with a twist of Bishonen! Mahou Ouji is a fan artist and original chracter artist loves everything from magical girls to thriller. Mahou Ouji is willing to do on the spot traditional commission as well as prints, buttons, and stickers.



Heather Lietzan (Achjayel) is a concept artist, illustrator, and visual storyteller. She graduated from SCAD in 2018 and has years of experience creating emotional and impactful designs, stories, and illustrations!


Kris Ibarra

Fandom fanart made just for you!


Naomi Franq

Illustrations and comics by Naomi Franquiz, professional freelance illustrator and comic artist. Work includes: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (Marvel), Misfit City (BOOM! Box), Bitch Planet (Image Comics), The Guild (Dark Horse Comics), and more.



AOQART sells posters, postcards, magnets, charms, stickers, bookmarks, and IDs for a wide range of fandoms from anime (Yuri on Ice!!!, BNHA, FMA), video games (Disgea, undertale), tv shows (marvel, Shadowhunters, Steven Universe, Hilda, The Dragon Prince, She-Ra, Voltron), movie franchises (Marvel), and books (Shadowhunters, Six of Crows) along with many pride designs and original works.


Cat Creek Collectibles

Author Brian McAfee offers his books as well as anime and sci-fi themed coins, clocks, buttons, pins and prints.


Witch Cauldron Creations

Witch Cauldron Creations is a booth run by three witches looking to sell magical wares, prints, along with fast, high-quality commissions offered in a variety of different and unique art styles.

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