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FreeCon brings a free convention experience to the Tallahassee community and beyond! Though small, with FreeCon we can give an experience similar to most conventions to those who wouldn’t necessarily be able to spend the money on the typical costs most conventions require to attend, or travel long distances to many of the larger conventions in Florida and Georgia. It is our organization’s mission to bring people together through common interests and hobbies such as anime, video-games, and Japanese pop culture.

Every year, FreeCon secures a portion of its funding from our IndieGoGo campaign. Our talented and dedicated volunteer artists create a variety of rewards, ranging from buttons and stickers to prints, and even offering commissions to upper-tier supporters. Even a contribution of just $5 receives a reward. For a full list of rewards and tiers, please click the “IndieGoGo” button above to view our full campaign.


FreeCon also accepts donations outside of our IndieGoGo campaign. If you want to contribute an amount less than $5, or if you are not interested in receiving the rewards made by our volunteer artists, please click the Ko-Fi button above. It will take you to our Ko-Fi page, where you can choose the amount you want to contribute. If you do so, thank you for your support!


Are you a business owner who wants to engage with FreeCon’s audience while supporting the convention? If so, FreeCon provides four sponsorship tiers to help you spread the word about your business to our audience. Since FreeCon 17 will be online this year, we have lowered our prices, with the lowest tier now being $25 with the highest set at $100. Benefits range from a shout-out on our social media and inclusion on our Affiliates page to the opportunity to have a sponsored post on our Updates blog and an advertisement on our Home page. Some sponsorship tiers also include mentions during our main events and your logo on the back of our convention t-shirt.

If any of these benefits interest you, follow the Contact Us link above or send an email to fsu.freecon@gmail.com. One of our convention staff will respond with a full outline of our sponsorship tiers and benefits. Furthermore, they can answer any questions you may have about our audience and reach. Thank you for your consideration.

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