Cosplay Guests

Mana-T Cosplay

Mana-T Cosplay is an Orlando-based craftsmanship and performance cosplayer of 12 years who specializes in sewing and wig-work. She got her start creating and acting in the Minnesota cosplay community and moved to Florida in 2017. Recently, she has picked up 3d printing and looks forward to incorporating it in her future builds. When she’s not sewing, you can find Mana watching anime or playing Genshin Impact. She’s incredibly excited to attend FreeCon and is looking forward to seeing all the amazing cosplays!


Mew Usagi, also known as Morgan, is an award-winning cosplayer & seamstress based out of the Sunshine State. She has been actively cosplaying since 2016 and sewing her own costumes since 2018. She’s shared her journey of sewing and cosplay on her YouTube channel, which gained quite the following over the years. She started competing in contests in 2019 to not only show off her hand-made costumes, but also learn new things along the way. With this, she quickly made her way from a Novice cosplayer to the Master category. 


Star began cosplaying two years ago, and they can’t wait to see how much they can grow as a cosplayer! In this short time they’ve been cosplaying, they have won multiple first place awards in convention Lip Sync Battles and a few runway awards as well. They’re most known from TikTok for their Drag Megamind, Drag Patrick Star, Beast boy and Eddie Munson cosplays.


Victoria is a Genshin Impact and an Identity V cosplayer from Jacksonville, Florida. She first started cosplaying a year ago, and has loved it ever since! Aside from being a cosplay guest, she is also a maid in the Heartstrings Maid Cafe. She’s excited to see everyone’s cosplays at FreeCon this year.

Media Guests

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