Karaoke Contest

FreeCon 16’s 2nd Karaoke Contest. Are you ready for a challenge? Want to show off your voice? Step up to the mic and sing your favorite song. The judges will be looking for your knowledge of the tune you have chosen, your expressions and stage presence, and your ability to move the audience with your passion and confidence!


Our Karaoke Contest will take place on Saturday, Feb. 29th from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM. The event will be located in the Globe Auditorium. 

Awards will be given for the following categories:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
  • Best Group
  • Best Junior

For rules, regulations, and sign-up please read below. 

Rules and Regulations

  • Must be an official anime, video game, J-Pop/J-Rock, K-Pop/K-Rock, Vocaloid, or similar songs within pop culture. English or other language translations of songs are accepted.
  • No songs over 3 minutes.
  • Do not use songs that are overly explicit or overly offensive.
  • Entries 12 years old or under are eligible for Best Junior.
  • Duets or group entries are only eligible for the Best Group title. All other titles will be for solo entries only. Duet or group entries that have 1 or more people 12 or under will only be considered for the Best Group Title, not Best Junior.
  • When selecting your track, you must ensure that there are no other vocals so we can hear your voice properly.
  • Props cannot make noise that will disrupt your performance (instruments, noise makers, etc). No weapons real or fake are allowed. Staffs, unsheathed lightsabers, and bats are all considered weapons. Props not considered weapons are generally “light props” such as flowers, a lamp, a fan, etc. Skateboards are also allowed. If you wish to carry a toy lightsaber on your person, it must be sheathed at all times. Walking canes incorporated into the cosplay are permitted as an accommodation. It’s your responsibility to contact us about whether your prop qualifies or not.
  • You must provide a backing track.
  • Do not directly interact with the judges, MC, or staff during your performance.
  • Do not directly interact with the audience (coordinating a fan club, going into the audience, inviting the audience on stage). You may however invite the audience to clap along.
  • Judges will be looking for your knowledge of your song, your stage presence, showmanship, and how appropriate your selected song is for you as the vocalist.
  • Score sheets remain confidential. At no point will you be allowed to see your score or someone else’s. All rulings by the judges are final.
  • If there is a tie, the ruling will be made by the majority vote of the judges.
  • If you are a winner, you will be permitted to sing a second song of your choice (following the previously stated guidelines) as a “victory lap”.
  • You agree to abide by all FreeCon, FSU, and staff regulations.

Karaoke Contest Sign-Up