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Meet Freecon 14's Cyberpunk Mascot Characters!

Chispa and Ceylon live in a studio apartment in the world’s largest city of 25th century. The majority of the land is a junkyard, and what isn’t covered in junk is rundown and overgrown. Outside of the rich neighborhoods at the center of the city, the community stays alive through music, invention, and willpower, and Ceylon and Chispa exemplify all three.


5'11" • Nonbinary • Renegade Cyber-Retaliant

Ceylon is everyone’s favorite sarcastic badass. They belong to the largest anarchist group in the city and they are fearless. They tend to keep talking to a minimum, but that’s okay because Chispa talks enough for the both of them! Ceylon manages the books for Chispa’s business and has a collection of antique books at home. They can be aloof and lazy, but they always have Chispa to keep them on their toes. Ceylon is level headed, light hearted, and patient and they are ready to make the world a better place.


5'9" • Woman • Intuitive Retro-Techneticist

Chispa is a bubbly free spirit with a mind for building. She can make anything out of the materials in the local junkyard, and sells many of her creations through her online business. When she doesn’t have orders to fill, Ceylon is always ready with a new design idea for her. Chispa loves to try new things and sees every day as a new adventure. She can be scatterbrained and reckless but she always has Ceylon there to keep her feet on the ground-figuratively, at least. Chispa is sexy, sassy, and smart, and she is taking on the world.

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8 Years Ago
“Ugh!” A voice came from the darkness. Chispa perked up and put down the old music player and hair pin she was holding. She specifically came out in the middle of the night so no one else would be around to bother her. “I just need a damn radio!” The voice came again. Chispa frowned and walked toward the voice, peaking around every corner as she went so she would see them first. “Why are there a million recording things, but no radios? Why do we even need a radio? Who in the world uses radios anymore? No one! That’s who!”
Around the third corner, Chispa spotted…them. They were clearly neither a girl or a boy, from Chispa’s perspective, anyway. They also had a jacket with a collar so high it covered half of their face. And they were very blue. Chispa loved it.
They were sitting half buried in a small junk pile, digging through it angrily. Chispa could tell the poor thing did not know what a radio looked like, because there were at least two within reach.
She stood up tall and walked out from behind the junk pile. “Do you know what a radio is?” She asked.
The blue kid jumped and held up a piece of metal like a weapon on instinct. “Stay back.”
Chispa smiled. “I won’t hurt you. But I could if I wanted to.” She raised her eyebrows and pointed a finger at the kid. “I’m stronger than I look you know!”
“Okay…” The kid said.
Chispa relaxed again and walked forward. “The answer to my question, I think, is no.” She bent down and picked up an older radio, the silver casing rusted and missing on one side. “Here. This is a radio.”
The kid hesitated, so Chispa underhanded it to them. They caught it, dropping their weapon in the process. “Um. Thanks. But my boss said a radio is bigger. And has buttons.”
Chispa laughed. “How old is your boss? Radio’s haven’t looked like that in decades.”
“Look. My boss says we need the older kind so they can’t be hacked. People still throw them out because old people die and their kids don’t want to deal with the antiques.”
Chispa rolled her eyes. “Your boss is a antique.” She sat down and pointed at the kid again. “Okay. I will help you find a radio.” She paused and widened her eyes. “If you tell me your name.”
The kid squinted. “Why?”
“Because,” Chispa said, smiling wide. “I’m adopting you.”
The kid blinked, then looked around as if searching for help. Finding no one, they looked at Chispa again. “What?”
“I’m adopting you. You clearly have no friends, you are around my age, you are pretty interesting, and you’re blue, and blue goes perfectly with pink. Therefore, I’m adopting you. We are friends now. And friends help friends find ancient radios for their oldie bosses.”
“But we can’t really be friends if I don’t know your name.” Chispa leaned toward the kid and raised her eyebrows in anticipation. The kid sat there looking back at her, and neither of them spoke for a good minute. Chispa had decided to wear them down with her big pink eyes and intimidating aura.
Finally, the kid relented and said, “Ceylon. My name is Ceylon.”
Chispa beamed and held out her hand. “Nice to meet you Ceylon! I’m Chispa.” She stood up suddenly and struck and investigative pose. “Now, let’s find you that ancient radio!”