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Meet Freecon 14's Cyberpunk Mascot Charaters!

Chispa and Ceylon live in a studio apartment in the world’s largest city of 25th century. The majority of the land is a junkyard, and what isn’t covered in junk is rundown and overgrown. Outside of the rich neighborhoods at the center of the city, the community stays alive through music, invention, and willpower, and Ceylon and Chispa exemplify all three.


5'11" • Nonbinary • Renegade Cyber-Retaliant

Ceylon is everyone’s favorite sarcastic badass. They belong to the largest anarchist group in the city and they are fearless. They tend to keep talking to a minimum, but that’s okay because Chispa talks enough for the both of them! Ceylon manages the books for Chispa’s business and has a collection of antique books at home. They can be aloof and lazy, but they always have Chispa to keep them on their toes. Ceylon is level headed, light hearted, and patient and they are ready to make the world a better place.


5'9" • Woman • Intuitive Retro-Techneticist

Chispa is a bubbly free spirit with a mind for building. She can make anything out of the materials in the local junkyard, and sells many of her creations through her online business. When she doesn’t have orders to fill, Ceylon is always ready with a new design idea for her. Chispa loves to try new things and sees every day as a new adventure. She can be scatterbrained and reckless but she always has Ceylon there to keep her feet on the ground-figuratively, at least. Chispa is sexy, sassy, and smart, and she is taking on the world.

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Writing Showcase


Chispa came through the door, no giant pile of junk in tow, but rather a very small, tattered box. Ceylon looked up from the cooking, something they had taken upon themselves for the day, and raised an eyebrow, “What’s that?”
Chispa walked it over to the dining table and began cooing at the contents, concerning Ceylon more than they were comfortable with. They turned the burner down to low and walked over, peeking into the box. Inside was a dirty, shaking, scared kitten. Ceylon couldn’t discern the natural color of its fur- it looked brown from the mud coating it- and Chispa was pretty sure it was white, “We can’t keep this.” Ceylon said.
“Why not?” Chispa whined and looked at them, stomping her foot and pouting, “It’s cold and hungry and lonely and our house has us and food and warmth! Why can’t we keep it?”
“Because it’s against the apartment rules!” Ceylon sighed and grabbed the bridge of their nose, they knew this was bound to happen. Chispa was actually on the lookout for cats when they went out sometimes. She continued to pout.
“Well, then I’ll find it a home tomorrow, but I’m keeping it tonight.” She huffed and picked up the scared kitten and marched to the bathroom to wash the dried mud from its fur. “Use the dirty towel!” Ceylon called after her and returned to cooking.
Chispa returned ten minutes later, flustered and her hands covered with tiny little scratches, but in her arms was the kitten, bundled up and half asleep. It was white and very fluffy, “Isn’t it cute?” Chispa held it up to Ceylon’s face.
Ceylon looked at it and the kitten mewed pathetically before settling back into the towel, then they heard it- the purring. It was hard to believe that such a small thing could make such a loud noise, it’s purr sounded like a motor, an old one. Ceylon nodded.
“Ha! Soon you’ll love it too and you won’t be able to give it away!” Chispa hugged it tight, the purring grew louder, “And then I’ll finally have a pet cat!”
Ceylon felt a little bad. “We can’t keep it.”
She rolled her eyes. “I know, I know. I’m not intending to. I just couldn’t let it starve on the street. I’ll find it a home tomorrow and you won’t have to worry about it.” She walked around with the kitten for the rest of the night, even eating with it curled up in her lap and sleeping with it on her chest. Then, when tomorrow finally became today, she found it a home. It took less than an hour for someone to take it into their family and Chispa moped around the apartment for the rest of the day. Ceylon wasn’t home when she got back and she flopped onto the couch, whining to the empty room.
There was work to do, but she missed her kitten and didn’t feel like doing any of it. She just continued to lounge and roll around on the couch waiting for Ceylon to get home and tell her to work.
Ceylon got home, latching the door behind them. “Where were you?” She asked.
They walked over and sat beside her, pulling something from under their jacket, “I’m sorry you couldn’t keep the kitten, but I could at least find you this.” And they handed it to her, a stuffed white cat. It was almost the same size, but not nearly as fluffy. It looked like Ceylon had tried to bleach the stains out of it and the eyes didn’t match, but it was a kitten for her, from Ceylon. She took it gingerly, Ceylon had only seen her treat her trinkets so carefully, and she hugged it to her chest, trying not to cry.
“Thank you.” They sat on the couch together, Chispa leaning into Ceylon as she hugged her new kitten.

Cared For

Chispa came through the door in a huff, dropping her haul for the day onto the pile from yesterday. Ceylon looked up from their book - a find from a few days ago of a collector’s edition of Fahrenheit 451 that was printed well over a hundred years ago.
“Something wrong?” They asked.
“Apparently there was a raccoon sighting early this morning about three blocks over!” She replied, throwing her hands in the air in mock frustration.
“How… how do you know that?” Ceylon asked cautiously, not sure they wanted to know the answer. She pointed to her headphones, the ears glowing bright .
“I listen to the local alert station when I’m out without you.”
Ceylon was surprised. They had assumed she listened to the same music she did around the house. “Why?”
“In case something happens, silly. They report thefts, missing persons, sightings of animals, and messages from loved ones who can’t get ahold of their…” She struggled for the word, “Loved… ones… They play old jazz music unless there's an alert , and this way I'll know if something happens to you when I’m away. As soon as I can, at least.” She smiled and wandered off to the bathroom, assuming that was a good enough end to the conversation and desperately needing a shower. It had been a big day for her - she'd been to trinket shops to deliver some special orders, to Abuela’s apartment to check up on the security system she had made for her, dumpster diving, and to junk piles to scavenge. Ceylon was left at the dining table with their book, smiling. It was good to feel cared for, and the ways Chispa showed it always managed to surprise them.