Our IndieGoGo campaign is one of our main sources for funding each year. We have a flexible goal of $1000 and are accepting contributions until February 17th. Even a contribution of just $5 receives rewards! If you would like to contribute less than $5 or are not interested in the rewards below, we also accept donations through our Ko-Fi.

 Your contribution & Indiegogo rewards:

Based on your contribution to our campaign, you’re eligible for the following rewards:

Buttons: Designed around this year’s theme and mascots, with our Art Team’s individual styles. Up to 8 different buttons can be received. Stay tuned for updates on the available buttons!

Stickers: Designed around this year’s theme and mascots, with our Art Team’s individual styles. Up to 8 different stickers can be received.

Commissions: A digital print of artwork customized to your request, created by our beloved Art team. See the “Commissions” section below for more details.

FreeCon 17 T-Shirt: Receive a specially designed shirt by our beloved Art Team. They won’t be reproduced as we change our theme each year, so we’ll hold onto one just for you for supporting us! Adult sizes.

Indiegogo Backer Role on Discord: Feel extra special showing off that you are a supporter of the convention with an Indiegogo Backer role on our convention Discord server!

Prints: High quality prints of official FreeCon artwork. You may request to have any of the prints signed by their artist on our Art Team. Stay tuned for updates on the available prints!

Name on Website: As a special thanks for your contribution, your name will be included on the affiliates page on our website to let everyone know how spectacular you are for supporting us!

Name in Opening Ceremony: During the opening ceremony, we will mention you as one of our top contributors with our most thankful voices to the audience.

*Special Top Tier reward*: TBA. Stay tuned for the reveal!


There are different levels of commissions based on your contribution, as listed below. You can request the artist responsible, character, and pose on all the commission levels. For the top level of commission, S-level, you can also request the background. The artists on our Art Team that will take care of commissions will be: Vivian Murphy (all levels), Ali Rogers (C-A levels), Jessica Soderman (all levels), Haileigh Walton (C Level only). Please keep in mind if the artist you requested has a significant workload or there is a sudden change, the artist you requested to be responsible for your commission may change.

Level C Commission: A bust with no color or in monochrome of one character of your choosing. Or alternatively a “chibi” version of one character of your choosing.

Level B Commission: A bust with color or alternatively a full-body commission of one character of your choosing with no color or in monochrome.

Level A Commission: A full-body, full-color commission of one character of your choosing.

Level S Commission: A full-body commission of one character of your choosing with a background, in full color.


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