Panel Descriptions

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Panel Info

Here you will find the descriptions for panels as they are accepted, with day, time, and room for each panel to be finalized closer to the convention. Check out what you want to go to, and plan your day out. 18+ panels will be carding for IDs, but 13+ panels are only a discretionary warning; think PG-13 and R films. Maps and Schedules coming soon.

Anime Kahoot

Emmy Thompson Time and Location TBA

Finally win at a Kahoot game that is not about math questions! Compete in anime inspired Kahoot games and make it on the leader-boards! Rounds will range from shonen, shoujo, sports, and more!

Ask the Heroes

Chy Godwin Time and Location TBA

Students of UA are here to answer your most pressing questions and give insight into what it's like being a hero! But who invited the villain?

Belly Dancing Basics

The FSU Belly Dancers Time and Location TBA

Promoting cultural diversity, self-esteem, and good health through the art of belly dance!

Boy Crazy: A Yaoi Thing (18+)

Ebonee Maxey Time and Location TBA

A discussion and safe space for yaoi fangirls(and boys) to meet and talk about all things naughty. Great for people who are curious about yaoi and just want to learn more while having fun. Video and Images of yaoi will be shown so come prepared!

Confessions of a VOCALOID Voice Provider (13+)

Media Guest Sam "nostraightanswer" Blakeslee Time and Location TBA

Join the voice of VOCALOID DEX as he discusses the pleasantries, oddities, oversights, and hard truths behind voicing and working on one of the most successful English VOCALOIDs to date. Ever wanted to voice a VOCALOID yourself? Wondered what the process is like? And how do you react to the fanart? At this panel, VOCALOID producer nostraightanswer (aka Sam Blakeslee) will reveal all.

Contemporary Japan: Between "Culture" and Pop-culture

FSU Professor Dr. Malgorzata "Gosia" Citko Time and Location TBA

The panel is about differences and similarities between terms of "culture" and "pop-culture" in reference to contemporary Japanese society, as well as how much from the premodern Japan we can still notice and experience in the modern period. The goal will be to inform, converse, reflect and bring down some stereotypes about Japan that are inevitably perpetuated by both Japan non-specialists and enthusiasts.

Cosplay Match Game!

Special Guest VerglasPrince Time and Location TBA

Come one and all as we see 8 of your favorite characters try to match their answers with our Guests!

Dividual Hearts: A Satellite Young Fan Panel

Adam Arthur Time and Location TBA

Learn all about retro synthwave/J-Pop group Satellite Young, fronted by Emi Kusano! In this panel, we will watch Satellite Young's music videos (both anime and live action) and discuss their career to date, including collaborations and related media!

Hallyu Wave Club Kpop Dance

Hallyu Wave Club Time and Location TBA

Come join us for a fun night of dancing to your favorite K-pop hits.

Hentai With Senpai (18+)

Gary White Jr Time and Location TBA

Come relax and enjoy some good old fashion hentai fun with your Senpai. Fun will be had by all! (18+ only)

JLCA Presents: Japanese High School in Anime vs. Reality

Malachi Corrao Time and Location TBA

Getting senpai to notice you, running late to school with toast in your mouth, spending your youth giggling in a "do-nothing" school club. Is this really what Japanese high school is all about? The structure and culture surrounding high school in Japan is very different from what we see in anime. This panel will teach you all about these differences and try to explain why anime portrays high school in such a unique way.

J-ROCK IS NOT DEAD: A Visual Kei Panel (13+)

Media Guest TeppyBAKA Time and Location TBA

An informative panel for those of you who've been curious about what “Visual Kei” actually is, hosted by TeppyBAKA! Come for a basic primer on this genre of Japanese musical groups, play some fun mini-games, hang out and socialize with other VK fans, and perhaps discover some of your new soon-to-be-favorite bands!!

Love Live A-Rise mini live

Hannah Keys Time and Location TBA

Join Triad Regality for a mini live performance as the rival group A-Rise, from Love Live School Idol Project. We will have dancing and interactive games with the audience.

Noise Complaint - Tap Dance Theatre

Noise Complaint Time and Location TBA

Noise Complaint presents a live Cosplay Tap Dance show! Noise Complaint is a group of professional tap dancers who perform full sets of choreographed dances as characters from RWBY, Sailor Moon, Disney, 90s cartoons and more. The dances are choreographed using music taken from or inspired by movies, TV shows and video games. This high energy cosplay dance show will have you glued to your seat and dying to get up and dance at the same time.

Overwatch: A Brief History (13+)

Kim Sedar Time and Location TBA

You've probably heard of it. You Mei have even played it. But how much do you know about it? Join us to learn the history of Overwatch.

POC in Anime & Cosplay

Special Guest VerglasPrince Time and Location TBA

Come and join me in a conversation about how POC(People of Color) impact anime and cosplay. If you have any question or want some answers. This is the panel for you!

Taiko: More than just the Drums

Chung Wan Choi Time and Location TBA

Taiko (Japanese drumming) is often seen in the form of ensemble performance with different types and sizes of tradition Japanese drums. Little do people know, ensemble taiko drumming is not only a contemporary performing art form inspired by Japanese traditions, it has been hugely influenced by recent Japanese-American history. This panel explores the discipline, philosophy, history, and unconventional potentials of taiko through presentation and the presenter’s own invention of practice taiko drum.

The TallyFurs

Hunter Bass Time and Location TBA

A general meet for the local furs to get together and take over the world, I mean enjoy each others company.

Top Disney Villain Song

Brian J Longley Time and Location TBA

View and vote on the best Disney villain song.