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Here you will find the day, time, and room for each panel at the convention, along with the descriptions. Check out what you want to go to, and plan your day out. 18+ panels will be carding for IDs, but 13+ panels are only a discretionary warning; think PG-13 and R films. Maps and Schedules coming soon.

Friday, March 23rd

Cosplay 101: Fabric and Basic Construction

Amanda Squires 6:30pm • Panel Room 1

From beginners to experts, knowing your fabrics and basic construction techniques is essential in creating cosplay. We will go over different types of materials and the best way to use them, how to choose and read patterns and some basic techniques for creating awesome cosplays!

Abridged Anime Panel (13+)

Daniel Bodnar 6:30pm • Panel Room 2

Come enjoy a first-time preview of a new episode of Blue Exorcist Abridged, see the debut of a brand new show, Fate/Apocrabridged, and ask anything you like to the host, RsGames1999! (Known best for work on the #TIBA award-winning Log-Horizon-Abridged) Feel free to take a ticket when you come in for a chance to win some manga, posters, and more!

Introduction to Touhou Project

Brian McAfee 8:00pm • Panel Room 3

This panel will introduce the audience to the doujin phenomenon Touhou Project. The games, music, characters, and universe of Touhou will be discussed. The panel will conclude with two audience members playing Touhou on lunatic mode, the game's hardest setting. Whoever survives longest will receive a small prize.

Life Lessons from the Necronomicon

Media Guest Caitlynn French 8:30pm • Panel Room 2

Anime and video games have begun using the works of HP lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos for a source of inspiration more and more these days. Caitlynn's more than ready to assist you in discovering that some of your favorites pull directly from Lovecraft mythos and are a little more insanity-inducing than you might expect! So let's have a good time talking about forbidden knowledge, the undead, and everyones favorite thing...tentacle monsters!!

Knotty Furs (NSFW 18+)

Cameron Porter 9:30pm • Panel Room 1

NSFW panel about furries and the fun that they have~.

Hilarious Hentai (18+)

Gary White Jr 9:30pm • Panel Room 2

Stop by and see an hour of hentai so funny you'll forget it's for adults only!

Saturday, March 24th

Noise Complaint—Live Cosplay Tap Dance Show!

Jenne Vermes 10:30am • Main Events

Noise Complaint presents a live Cosplay Tap Dance show! Noise Complaint is a group of professional tap dancers who perform full sets of choreographed dances in cosplay. Noise Complaint's dances are choreographed using music that is either directly taken from or inspired by currently trending or favorite movies, TV shows and video games. Their show brings to life epic battles and famed alliances on the stage and combines it with entertaining choreography and catchy rhythms!

K-Pop Games and More!

FreeCon Official 10:30am • Dance Studio

Into BTS, Twice, or any other K-pop groups? Maybe you've never heard of K-pop at all? Well either way this is a panel for everyone veteran and 'Rookie' alike! WE will have games like Random Dance Play, Guess the Song, and more! There'll also be MV's to fill the atmosphere with your favorite groups and songs. So come out and join the members of FSU's Hallyu Wave and get ready to 'Party' and 'Go Crazy'!!

Deciphering Madoka Magica

Brian McAfee 12:00pm • Panel Room 2

Author Brian McAfee presents a discussion of the symbols, metaphor, and literary references in the critically acclaimed anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The trailer for the upcoming sequel movie will also be shown. There will be prizes for audience members who ask intriguing questions.

Dagorhir Battlegames (13+)

FreeCon Official 12:00pm • Union Green

Watch a demo, participate, and learn about foam fighting.

Traditional Japanese Dance Workshop

FreeCon Official 1:30pm • Dance Studio

Soran Bushi is a lively traditional Japanese sea shanty from Hokkaido in northern Japan. The dance mimics ocean waves, fisherman dragging nets, pulling ropes, and lifting luggage over their shoulders. Hosted by the Japanese Language and Culture Association.

P.O.C in Media

Special Guest VerglasPrince 2:00pm • Panel Room 2

To bring awareness about how important diversity and presentation is.

Author Talk with Deon Durr

Deon Durr 2:00pm • Panel Room 3

Come and sit with Independent Author Deon Durr! As he gives tips on writing, self-publishing & more.

Cosplay Construction Tips with God Hand Cosplay

Special Guest Jasmine Guy 3:30pm • Panel Room 2

Ever wondered what it is like to use Worbla (Worbla Black Art and Worbla Traspart), cast resin gems, and add wefts to a wig? This panel is for you allowing to actually feel and see the stages of these different processes! This is an open discussion so please feel free ask questions or offer tips of your own! Make sure you pay attention because there will be small prizes!

Humans vs Zombies Experience

FreeCon Official 4:00pm • Union Green

Come join the guys and gals from HvZ in an interactive game of survival! See if you have what it takes to be the last one standing.

Tales from the Glass-Guarded World, a 5E actual-play podcast

Mike Hammock 5:00pm • Panel Room 3

The cast of TFTGGW will record a one-shot game, and answer questions (if any).

Social Networking and You!

Special Guest Gilded Moon 6:30pm • Panel Room 2

Come learn the ins and outs of basic social networking practices and how to start getting yourself out there!

What's Gundam?

Andres Salinas 6:30pm • Panel Room 3

So what is Gundam and why has it been around for so long? Ever wondered where to start or which series to watch next? With several iterations out so far, it probably feels daunting figuring out where to begin. We'll showcase the different series, the franchise as a whole and how much it has changed and evolved over the years. Chance of winning Gunpla prizes await!

K-pop Hour (13+)

Oran Williams 6:30pm • Dance Studio

Our panel is about K-pop aka Korean pop music.We hope to bring K-pop fans around Florida together to dance,have fun, and meet new people!

The FSU Belly Dancers

FreeCon Official 7:00pm • Main Events

Enriching the lives of students by promoting cultural diversity, self-esteem, and good health through the art of belly dance.

Voice Acting Adventures with Morgan Berry!

Media Guest Morgan Berry 8:00pm • Panel Room 2

Voice acting is a fun and crazy world! Find out just how crazy it is! Learn from FUNimation voice actress Morgan Berry and learn the "do's and don'ts" of the voice-over world!

To Break the World's Shell: A Revolutionary Girl Utena Panel

Adam Arthur 8:00pm • Panel Room 3

A panel on Kunihiko Ikuhara's classic, subversive 90s shojou/yuri anime full of symbolism, subtext and angst.

Devilman Discussion (Manga to Crybaby) (18+)

Serene Smallwood 9:00pm • Panel Room 1

With Netflix's new series, Devilman Crybaby, Go Nagai's famous franchise gets to be part of the modern fandom experience. Join us in discussing the core themes, the artistic interpretation, and key differences between each of the iterations of Devilman, from the manga and OVAs, to vs009 and Crybaby. Does Miki have agency? Is Ryou a good character? Are devilmen a metaphor?

Terrible Fanfiction Dramatic Readings

Mikki DeGolyer 9:00pm • Panel Room 2

xX Hi this is the Terrible Fanfiction Dramatic Reading panel (we read terrible fanfiction that's how we got our name) and we have audience participation, props, a whole lot of laughs, a Morgan Freeman-esque voice guy, (AN: if u don't kno who he is get da hell out of here!!) and really REALLY cringy fanfiction. Xx

Sunday, March 25th

Fencing Demonstration

FreeCon Official 10:30am • Main Events

Have you ever been interested in swordplay? The FSU Fencing Club is holding a demonstration of Epee, Foil, and Sabre! Watch, learn, and ask questions about our techniques and equipment. You’ll leave feeling like a warrior!

Hang out with class 1-A (13+)

Zoe Whittaker 11:30am • Panel Room 2

Come hang out with your favorite class as they answer your questions and play games!

Macross 101

Brian McAfee 11:30am • Panel Room 3

Author and industry insider Brian McAfee discusses the history and complicated relationship between the Macross and Robotech anime franchises. The panes will also give a brief synopsis of the various spinoffs and sequels from each series and recommend which ones new viewers should start with. The future of Robotech, including the upcoming live action movie by Sony will also be discussed.

Plus Size Cosplay 101

Special Guest VerglasPrince 12:30pm • Panel Room 1

To talk about the struggles of being a plus size cosplayer in a thin world. Come and ask questions and network with other plus size cosplayers.

Aikido Club at FSU

FreeCon Official 1:00pm • Main Events

A Japanese Martial Art that utilizes the opponent’s energy and momentum against them. We are mostly a grappling and throwing martial art. We do both empty handed techniques and Traditional weapons training (Sword, Knife, Staff).

Anime Trivia

Tyler Kieran 1:30pm • Panel Room 2

Hello and welcome to a good old game of anime trivia where we ask many questions regarding... you guessed it... Anime! From older series like Astro Boy to most current anime being produced in Japan, we ask it all! If you think you know everything there is to know about anime, then this is the right place for you! We may even ask a few manga questions so be aware of that, too!

Let's Talk with Deon Durr (13+)

Deon Durr 1:30pm • Panel Room 3

Let's Talk! Come on in, chill, and let your voice be heard as we talk about anything that is on your mind from cosplay, anime, movies and pop culture!

The Art of Improv Comedy with No Bears Allowed

FreeCon Official 4:30pm • Main Events

Come learn about improv from FSU’s Improv Comedy team! This workshop will include performances and exercises involving anyone willing to participate!

Batman's Family

Emma Baird 4:30pm • Panel Room 2

Batman is a dark hero that only works alone. NOPE! Get introduced to his brightly colored and very large family, hear about some good stories, and learn more about Batman's history.