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The wait is over, registration is open! All forms of registration are open: Pre-Registration, Artist Application, Vendor Application, Panel Application, Special Guest Application, and Volunteer Sign-up. Just hover of the “Registration” tab and click on the form you’re looking for. Even though entry is free at FreeCon, we greatly appreciate it if you could fill out a pre-registration form to help us better prepare for your attendance and speed up your check-in at the Registration tables.

Due to the construction of FSU’s Student Union, our location has not changed since last year’s FreeCon, so we will continue to host the convention in the SSB and the Globe this year. Our location in the SSB & the Globe is smaller than the FSU Student Union, resulting in a smaller space of the Dealers’ Room than FreeCon 14. This will make Artist and Vendor applications more selective.

We are welcoming panel applications of all sorts, whether it is a discussion on a video game series, an informational session on Japanese Culture, a performance, an interactive game, etc. FreeCon is a small convention compared to most so it’s often people’s first convention, making it a great place to try your first panel if you’re looking for a place to start.

Special Guests are those with areas of expertise or have a presence in the fandom community. Special Guests may be asked if they can be judges for our Cosplay Contest or Karaoke Contest if they have expertise in cosplay or music.

FreeCon 16 needs as many volunteers as we can get! In return for their hard work volunteers receive a FreeCon 16 shirt. There are a variety of duties that volunteers help with such as running our Registration tables, being a hall monitor, assisting event managers, running miscellaneous errands, set-up, clean-up, etc. We are happy to help all our volunteers document their hours.