Scavenger Hunt

Complete the scavenger hunt to help guide you during your Freecon 17 experience by visiting panels, events and activities and to be entered in a raffle to win official Freecon 17 merch!


  • Complete the scavenger hunt by taking photos/screenshots of 12 out of the 20 items on the list.
  • Once completed, submit all of your photos/screenshots to the Freecon 17 Google Form before the end of the convention to receive your prize.
  • You have 36 hours to claim your prize, after that you will forfeit your prize.
  • Respond with method of receiving prize: Shipping or pick up at FSU campus.
    • FSU campus option: provide the name they will go by when picking up
    • Shipping option: FreeCon will cover shipping


Only 12 of the 20 items below need to be completed in order to receive a prize.

  1. Something you bought from the artist alley or vendor hall 
  2. A contest you participated in 
  3. A viewing party you attended
  4. A game tournament you participated in 
  5. A maid cafe dance you watched 
  6. A donation to our Kofi 
  7. Follow one or more of our social media accounts 
  8. A panel you attended 
  9. Murder mystery solved 
  10. An official Freecon merch you have (any year) 
  11. Your favorite memory from a previous Freecon 
  12. A drawing made by you of at least one of the Freecon 17 mascots 
  13. Share our event on your social media 
  14. A discord server rule
  15. Our website
  16. A org discord channel
  17. A FreeCon sponsor
  18. Convention staff or admin on discord
  19. Your favorite FreeCon guest (website or discord channel)
  20. Your favorite artist / vendor
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