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Featured Panel

Q&A With Sarah Wiedenheft: Hi there! I’m Sarah! I voice lots of small beans and love to draw. Let’s get to know more! If you’ve got any burning questions, you can finally unleash them upon me! >:3

Signing With Sarah Wiedenheft: Want a signature from FreeCon 16’s Media Guest? Stick around after the Q&A!


Saturday Panels (Alphabetical Order)

Adult Modeling in Cosplay (18+): Many adventurous and confident cosplayers dream of combining their love of cosplay and anime culture with adult work. But how do you get started selling your content? What safety tips should you always know going into a shoot? And how do you look good posing? Suki Suki Boudoir, a photography and erotic entertainment company, will be sharing the basics of how to get started in the industry. Our models will be joining to talk about their own experiences, demonstrations, and take pictures with our panel guests. Come for the sexy, stay for the education!

Anime Jeopardy: A trivia game for the ages, with an exciting, anime spin! Come and compete with other attendees in Jeopardy, with categories ranging across genres and years. All questions are convention-tested, and we’ll be playing single, double, and final Jeopardy.

Belly Dance 101 Workshop: Join us for a one hour lesson where you’ll learn about the world of belly dance and of course, how to dance some of the basics! Hosted by the FSU Belly Dancers.

Dagorhir: Medieval Combat and Crafting: Start with an overview of what Dagorhir is, when and how students can participate and what’s necessary for participation. Then we’ll discuss rules and safety, a brief demonstration of combat ( adam and I will spar) then a discussion of units, competitions, and culture in the dagorhir community, a summary of crafting, garb, lore and other creative aspects of our game.

Demon Slayer Q&A (13+): Have you ever wondered what it’s like being in the Demon Slayer Corps? What it’s even like being a Demon? If so, come join Tanjiro Kamado and his friends as they answer your most burning questions!

Disabilities in Japan: Interested in visiting Japan, but worried about accessibility? This panel is designed to teach a brief history of disabilities in Japan, showcase where Japan is now, and discuss where it’s headed. Mobility, visual, auditory, and psychiatric disabilities as well has the trans community will be covered in this panel.

*This panel is designed to be inclusive of everyone regardless of disability or orientation.

Furry Fandom in FSU & Tallahassee: An exploration of the furry fandom and the different actives related to it in Tallahassee and around FSU campus. Topics range from fursuiting, group chats, games, hang out, and parties.

Humans Vs. Zombies Mini-Games: FSU’s chapter of Humans vs. Zombies will be hosting mini-games and skirmishes on the green! Battle zombies or hunt humans in this epic Nerf War. *Nerf blasters and ammo will be provided.

Let’s Discuss: My Hero Academia (13+): Are you a fan of My Hero Academia? Join Everyday Cosplay in breaking down everything that has happened so far in the series! We’ll also be discussing the series from first reactions all the way to theories of what could come down the line. Bring your Hero knowledge to the table and let’s be hype together!

Masculinity? In My Anime? (13+): With discussions of gender in media at the center of controversy in recent years, it’s important to examine the place of such discussions in subculture media as well. So join me as we examine anime through how it codifies ‘maleness’, how it chooses to represent male characters, how it shows them interacting with characters of others genders, how the works reflect their artists and culture, and how masculinity is subverted. Everything from BL to Jojo’s.

Meme Madness: Participate in a panel that showcases memes and other important topics throughout the ages. Selections will be randomly chosen with the participation of the audience.

The Riff Off (Sing Off): Fan of Pitch Perfect? Well come on and sing your heart out against your fellow Con-goers and Pitch Perfect fans or just come and enjoy the music.




Featured Panels

Raspberry Pie Cosplay Prom: Did you go to your high school prom? Were you disappointed you couldn’t go as Sailor Moon, Optimus Prime, or Deadpool? If so, then you won’t want to miss Raspberry Pie’s cosplay dance party! Hosted by Orlando nerd-funk band Raspberry Pie, this interactive show will have you up and dancing to live music about Cowboy Bebop, anime ladies, and the difficulties of dating someone in a different fandom. Who knows? You might even meet your OTP. 

Anime Throughout History: Come attend a presentation going over the changes to anime throughout history, and stick around for a discussion and Q&A. Presented by FSU Professor Laura Lee. 


Sunday Panels (Alphabetical Order)

Anime Hair Trivia: The hallmark of good character design is having a recognizable silhouette. And anime is very versed in making its most iconic characters easily recognizable from a glance, see Goku or Yugi Moto. This game will put your recognition skills to the test, using the most prominent aspect of character design in anime: hair! Cutouts of hair, trivia questions about hair color, and lists of characters your have to distinguish by hair style make up this challenge, and you’ll be competing against the other half of the room to prove you really do pay the most attention to the details!

Anime Scene-It: Fun for fans of any expertise level, this otaku spin on the classic Scene-It format will have players answering trivia questions, guessing shows from warped screenshots, and paying attention to video clips for clues. You don’t even have to watch anime for some! This game is convention-tested, and the anime in the game represent a wide variety of genres and years. Come and compete for glory!

Anime Taboo: Get your blindfolds ready, grab your thesaurus, and study up on your favorite anime! This game will pressure each team, racing against the clock, to get a selected player to say the shows or characters on the slides, with only approximate descriptors, in a competition of vocal charades. And on top of it all, there’s also a list of ‘taboo’ words that you’ve to watch out for. Try to describe Gundam without “giant” or “robot”, in this exciting, hilarious game!

Fate Grand Order Panel: Join an aspiring historian for this informative and entertaining panel on the real-life legends behind some of the Fate franchise’s most famous Servants, and how they stack up against their anime counterparts. Will have spoilers!

Government Systems of Yu-Gi-Oh!: Have you ever wondered about why children’s card games are more powerful than the law in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe? If so, come join us to discuss the government systems of Yu-Gi-Oh! Put your high school government class skills to use during our interactive discussion! This panel will address all Yu-Gi-Oh! shows including YGO Vrains.

K-Pop Dance Party: Come dance to some K-Pop!

My Hero Academia Cosplay Panel: A bnha based panel that will include Q&A trivia and truth or dare.

The Writer’s Room: The Writers Room is a panel where writers of a vairety of genres can come together and discuss writing techniques, goals, exchange various tips on fiction writing and more.


The Globe


Viewing Room