Special Guests


Everyday Cosplay

Our first special guest for FreeCon 16: welcome back Everyday Cosplay

Everyday Cosplay is a self taught cosplayer who got his start back in 2014. To push himself he’s tried his hand at contests for craftsmanship and performance. However, you might recognize him now as being a founding member of the Anime Murder Mystery troupe, Animystery, who have been performing at Holiday Matsuri since 2016.

He’s a big advocate of cosplay is for anyone and cosplay is not consent. Bringing a smile with him he’s always excited to learn, grow and meet new people!

Instagram: @Music_Locke

Verglas Prince

Our second special guest for FreeCon 16: welcome back VerglasPrince! 

VerglasPrince is a Florida based cosplayer that started his journey in 2014. He was one of the lucky few to be a representative of the U.S.A in the Netherlands for the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup. He is mostly know for his Disney Villains. He fights for diversity in the cosplay community be it from being a POC cosplayer to Plus Size. He wants to spread love and get rid of any negative rumors that people may have about being a POC cosplayer.

VerglasPrince’s Props & Design

Instagram: @verglasprince

Capricornus Cosplay

Our third special guest for FreeCon 16, welcome Capricornus Cosplay! 

Capri is a Florida base cosplayer who has been dressing up and playing make believe for 6 years. Her specialities are in fabric gradients and screen accuracy details. She puts her all into every build and enjoys studying her characters to truly become them.

Instagram: @capricornus.cos

Raspberry Pie

Our fourth special guest at FreeCon 16, welcome Raspberry Pie

Orlando’s #1 nerd-funk band is throwing a cosplay dance party, and you’re invited! This totally unique, interactive show will have you grooving to songs about anime ladies, OTPs, and the difficulties of dating someone in a different fandom. See you there, space cowboy!


Instagram: @raspberrypiemusic