Special Guests

Everyday Cosplay • Austin Locke

Everyday Cosplay has been cosplaying for several years and FreeCon is where he got his start. He has grown as a cosplayer from thrift shopping cosplays to making his own and he is a big advocate of cosplay is for everyone. Having taught himself how to sew he likes to push himself with every new cosplay to expand his own skills and always tries to help others when asked. He also is the voice of the main character in an audio drama from 4am Studios titled "Always". The prequel having been uploaded December 2016 and episode 1 slated to debut in 2017. He also has been an actor and lead audio tech with UCF's Murder Mystery shows for the past 3 years. Their latest show made an appearance at Holiday Matsuri with him being the lead audio tech.

Everyday Cosplay's Cosplays

VerglasPrince • Devon Chambers

VerglasPrince started cosplaying in 2014. He is mostly known for his love of Disney villains and his costumes to recreate them for all to enjoy. While furthering his craft, he was chosen as a representative for the United States for the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup in 2016. He is the co-founder of the group called Gamers & Nerds.

VerglasPrince's Cosplays

AMS Cosplay • Amanda Squires

Amanda is a self-taught cosplayer and has been cosplaying for just over two years now. In that time, she has constructed over 18 cosplays and managed to win 'Best in Show' at her very first cosplay competition in 2016 and received 'FantasyNinja's' Judges Choice at Holiday Matsuri 2016. She has also gained quite a following with her YouTube videos, ranging from the most popular 'Convention Vlogs' to cosplay workloads and helpful tip videos for cosplay and conventions. She is a costume design major, hoping to turn her love of cosplay, into her career.

AMS Cosplay's Cosplays

Gilded Moon Cosplay • Megan Smith

Gilded Moon Cosplay is a Florida local artist and cosplayer. She started cosplaying 5 years ago. Her first cosplay was Princess Luna from My Little Pony, and since then she has cosplayed from other popular series such as Homestuck, One-Punch Man, Splatoon, and has recently been on a League of Legends cosplay craze! But we hear, Overwatch has grabbed her attention!

Gilded Moon Cosplay's Cosplays