Special Guests

Famous Cosplay, art, and design talent representing a variety of creations appearing at FreeCon

Dei CosArt

Since 2007 Dei has made around 100+ costumes within the 10+ years she has been cosplaying. She loves to try out many different elements of cosplay and knows a variety of skills from armor craft, sewing, wig styling and more. In 2017 she began making tutorials available for free on her website, as well as started teaching educational panels at local conventions. You can also find more of her works on her Instagram.

Timeblaster Cosplay

A cosplayer since 2012 and FL native, Timeblaster transforms into any character she sets her mind to! As a jack of all trades in the community, she is an active supporter of her local community and is an avid performer in several cosplay dance/acting groups. She has won one award award in the FL cosplay circuit and plans on competing in many more competitions. You can check out her Facebook or Instagram to see more of her work.

Everyday Cosplay

Everyday Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2014 and got his start at FreeCon. He has grown over the years, from thrifting and altering, all the way to making his own full cosplays. Everyday Cosplay is self-taught when it comes to sewing, and always looks for new projects and new skills. He is also an actor and a founding member of Animystery & Co., a murder mystery show group performing at Holiday Matsuri since 2016. Check out his Facebook.