Special Guests

Famous Cosplay, art, and design talent representing a variety of creations appearing at FreeCon

God Hand Cosplay

God Hand Cosplay is a Florida based cosplayer who has been creating her own costumes since 2005. She enjoys competing in cosplay competitions, and singing competitions and is even working on starting her own manga! God Hand Cosplay is also plus size and has several tips and tricks on how to make cosplay for different body types! Check out her Facebook.

CANCELLED Jess Blais Cosplay

Jess Blais has been in the cosplay and convention scene since 2014 and has fallen in love with the art of turning fictional characters into reality through cosplays and makeup transformations. She is self-taught and forever learning and improving as she goes but does not plan on slowing down any time soon! Meeting those with similar nerdy interests is what keeps her drive going. Check out her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Hanari Solomon

Hanari Solomon is a national competitive cosplayer with over 50+ costumes under her belt. Florida based, she travels the country competing in cosplay competitions to hone her skills and meet new people along the way. Most notably known for her various Junker cosplays from Overwatch, her ultimate goal is to make a living off of making costumes, be it through competitions, Patreon, or eventually working for a major costuming studio. Her specialties include making prosthetic limbs and character personification. She has won multiple major awards for her costuming skills, including Best In Show at Anime Expo, and has judged several contests throughout the Florida convention circuit. She looks forward to adding more feats of costuming excellence to her repertoire! Check out her Facebook.

CANCELLED Edgelord Cosplay

Local Cosplayer and Edgelord, Edgelord Cosplay started cosplaying back in 2013. He is always happy and excited to improve and has been a guest and event host at conventions in the past. Check out his Instagram.