Convention Updates

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Special Guest Dei CosArt


Deisha has been cosplaying for more than 10 years. In that time, she has made over 100 cosplays, and learned many tricks of the trade. Not only is she an amazing cosplayer, but she devotes herself to teaching and helping others with tutorials on her website and informative panels. FreeCon is ecstatic to announce that Dei CosArt will be with us for the entire weekend. FreeCon is also pleased to inform you that you and your safety are in good hands, Mt. Lady’s to be exact! Glimmering and glittering brightly is Phosphophyllite, don’t be afraid to admire her unique beauty! While at the convention, we know you’re fated to meet the legendary Astolfo, the Black Rider. If you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of Nero as well! Make sure to check out the Special Guests tab for more info, social media links, and a link to her website.

Special Guest Timeblaster Cosplay


Cosplaying since 2012, get ready for our second Special Guest, the lovely Timeblaster Cosplay! She can act, she can dance, and her cosplay is sure to impress. FreeCon is thrilled to announce that Timeblaster will be with us for the entirety of the weekend, so if you plan on taking photos, you might want to check twice and see if you caught her Gentiana photobombing! FreeCon would also like you to take extra precautions, and watch out for her Caster Gilgamesh, or you just might have a spell cast on you. Of course, no display would be complete without the crown jewel, Padparadscha! Be sure to check out the Special Guests tab for more info and social media links.

Media Guest TeppyBAKA


Make some noise for our first Media Guest, TeppyBAKA! Attending conventions since 2007 and cosplaying since 2010, his intricate costumes are sure to amaze you! We at FreeCon are excited to announce that TeppyBAKA will be with us for both days of the convention, so be sure to rock on over and say hello. He is extremely passionate about Visual Kei (a genre of music originating from Japan) and will be hosting a panel to talk about Visual Kei and J-Rock. Take the outstretched hand of Kyoya Ootori, or pick up your guitar and jam out with Mana! No matter where your cosplay or music interests lie, you’re sure to have a blast with TeppyBAKA! Check out the Media Guests tab for more info, and social media links.

Special Guest Everyday Cosplay


Crafting and sewing since 2014, give it up for our first Special Guest, cosplayer Everyday Cosplay! He has quite a few cosplays to showcase over the weekend, so be sure to come both days to see his works. If you turn your attention to the stars, his Voltron cosplay is out of this world! Watch out for his Denki cosplay, it truly is shocking! Of course, you’ll want to be in the splash zone for his Makoto Tachibana cosplay! He is extremely passionate about each character he portrays, so check out the Special Guests tab for more info.

Dealer Registration and Indiegogo


It’s the holiday season, and that means we are one step closer to FreeCon 15. We are relieved to announce that Dealer’s Room Registration is finally up and ready! Thank you again for your patience as we adjust to the new location. The Dealer’s Room application deadline is 11:59 PM Friday, February 8th, 2019. Of course, FreeCon wouldn’t be able to host such an amazing convention without the help of the community, and you! Our Indiegogo campaign is live, so check it out. We have some great rewards to thank you for your support. 100% of it goes to funding high-profile Media Guests and quality programming. We at FreeCon 15 thank you in advance for your generosity.

Vendor and Artist Update


Amidst questions and confusion, the FreeCon staff would like to let all those interested in registering as an Artist or Vendor this year know that we very much still intend to host a Dealer's Room this year, and we do apologize for the wait on getting registration up. This delay comes from our relocation to our new venue, and having to negotiate with the building managers what our new Dealer's Room layout will look like. There are different dimensions and fire codes we have to navigate, and so it is taking us a little longer to have that space prepared, or even for us to know how many booths we will have. We will announce when registration is open ASAP. Good news though, it looks like nearly all vendor booths will have 3-side access!

Social Media Updates


The staff at FreeCon are excited to connect with you on social media. Many already follow us on Facebook and Tumblr, so we are pleased to announce that we will continue to update those platforms regularly. However, this year we have started a new Twitter account that we would love for you to follow! The Communications staff have already begun to post updates, so be sure to follow so you don't miss out on all that FreeCon XV has to offer! You can use the links in this paragraph, or scroll to the bottom of any web page to find our social links.

Dates and Venue


Officially, we are proud to announce that this year's FreeCon will still be held on the FSU campus, for a 2-day weekend, March 9-10, 2018! Many have expressed concerns to us because of the reconstruction of the Union, but working with the university, we have found the next best place to settle in, the Student Services Building and Globe. We can't wait and neither should you, so make sure to stop by all the new tabs added to the website, and certainly make sure to pre-register. Even consider running a panel!

Website Holdover and Planning


The 15th year of FSU's annual enthusiast convention is upon us! We're very excited to begin planning, and happy to introduce our current holdover site, which we intend to update with the full live site within the next week or two. Also, expect a date and venue announcement when it all becomes official on November 5th. If you're local to Tallahassee, and are interested in working on FreeCon as staff, reach out to us via Contact. More info to come.