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With FreeCon weekend here already, we wanted to remind everyone that a whole lot fo work goes into the convention, without any real profit made on the staff's end. In order to keep up with the times, it's necessary to find alternative ways of fundraising to help the con grow and survive. This is the first year we've been able to sell our t-shirt by university regulation, so we've decided to offer them for $10; we see it as more of a donation to our cause, with a bonus shirt. However, FreeCon still intends to give the shirts for free as awards for completing the Scavenger Hunt. We always accept donations anyway! Get your shirt at the FreeCon table in the Dealer's Room.

Schedules Now Listed


Great news, everyone, the daily schedules for panels and events are now listed! You can find everything FreeCon will be hosting, as it will appear in the programs. We wanted to provide viable access for mobile devices, so all of our schedules are images that can be saved. In addition, the Viewing Room schedules for each day are also up, and downloadable. You can find the schedules and maps under the Events tab, and the Viewing Room schedules through the Activities page.

Jess Blais and Rumitto Cancelled


Due to some personal circumstances, FreeCon will not be able to host 2 of our Special Guest cosplayers, Jess Blais and Rumitto. They really wanted to make it, and particular limitations in their travel have kept them from making next weekend. So they wish the event much success, and wish the attendees a whole lot of fun. Send them love and receiving theirs, FreeCon will miss them.

Dealer's Room Page Up


It's a great time to check out the Artists and Vendor's that will be selling in FreeCon's Dealer's Room this year! We've got a great lineup of people from all around the convention scene, who have wares and art covering a multitude of media. We made sure it'll be a good one this year, with people selling corsets and watches, to bodypillows and doujin. There's something for you, and it's also a great place to find our FreeCon official merchandise. Find the Dealer's Room page under the Events tab.

Edgelord Cosplay Cancelled


With a heavy heart, we're sad to announce that our Special Guest, Edgelord Cosplay (aka Kyle Kraljevich) will be unable to make it to FreeCon this year, due to some logistic issues. He would like anyone who wanted to see him to still come, and wishes the event success in running. We appreciate everyone for understanding.

Panel Page Up


With Panel Registration coming to a close soon, it's about time we got the panel descriptions up for you all to see. There's already a healthy amount of panels planned, but we'd really like your help in finding/making more, to really thicken the programming this year. You can see what all we have, and maybe it will give you an idea, or inspire you to make a panel. FreeCon is the perfect size for anyone wanting to make their first panel; and remember, we also welcome 18+ programming! Check out the Panels page under the Events tab for more info.