Vendor's Room

Located in Dealer's Room alongside Artist Alley

Friday, 3:00pm-10:00pm • Saturday, 10:00am-10:00pm • Sunday, 10:00am-5:30pm

  • D1 • Planet Shelly

    Michelle Campbell
  • Planet Shelly offers a huge selection of Fandom jewelry including anime, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC among many others. They also specialize in harder to find and more obscure anime and shows. In addition to jewelry, Planet Shelly carries sci-fi and fantasy novels by Michelle Campbell including the Lentara series.
  • D2 • Extreme Kawaii

    Jaelle Alford
  • If you love cute things, we got you covered! Featuring kawaii goods from Japan and Korea, as well as some handmade creations. It's not just cute, it's Extreme Kawaii!
  • D3a-b • Epicycle Studios

    Tiffany Ciper
  • Epicycle Studios sells original comics, posters and bookmarks. We want to share our stories with the world.
  • D4a • Magister

    Linh Huynh
  • Magister is an illustrator specializing in moe style artwork.
  • D4b • M.a.D. Hatters

    Allaina Stewart
  • Mother and Daughter Hatters bring you cute mouse ears plus bunny, kitty, & character fleece hats for geeks - made with care and a touch of whimsy by a mother and daughter team.
  • D5a-D6b • Mr. Weekends Posters

    Jimmy Shirah
  • Mr. Weekends Posters offers a great selection of posters to decorate your dorm, apartment or your favorite room. The selection includes Star Wars, Dr. Who, Zelda, Fall Out, Over watch, comic book, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, and many different Anime titles, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and many other movie/t.v. titles.
  • D7a-b • Lolita Dreamland (Dreamland Collectives)

    Fiona Fung
  • From last min cosplay to that one body pillow, Lolita dreamland had it all
  • D8a-D9a • Hometown Anime Store

    Daniel Sardinas
  • Hometown (formerly Skyline Avenue) is your friendly one stop shop for all your anime needs.
  • D9b • Chantilly Couture

    Brittany Dorch
  • Fashionably affordable Lolita inspired jewelry, hats, accessories and dresses.
  • D10a-D11a • Exile Into imagination

    Chris Seckinger
  • Visit the Exile Into Imagination booth for fandom buttons, prints, bumper stickers, comics & more fandom items now.
  • D11b • Three Little Books Co.

    Tia Smith
  • Three Little Books Co. is an online book retailer specializing in indie books, diverse books, and book goodies.
  • D12a-b • TomatoCreations

    Rebecca Staron
  • Affordable kawaii items and handmade bath bombs, soaps, and LED creations.
  • D13a-D14b • Capital City Comics and Toys

    Daryll Gunter
  • One stop for all things fun and collectable.
  • D15a-D17b • Best Anime Shop

  • Established in 2004, Best Anime Shop is a long-time purveyor of all things anime and pop-culture. We always bring a wide variety of merchandise, including exclusives, at reasonable and affordable prices. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, so feel free to ask them any questions!
  • D18a-b • Airen's Oddities

    Airen Sushereba
  • Handmade/Upcycled Clothing, Jewelry and Inspired Gifts.
  • D19a-b • VectorDragon

    Summer Lindsey
  • Video game and Anime snapbacks, mousepads, lanyards, decals, charms, keychains and mugs.
  • D20-D25 • Echo Arts And Gifts

    Echo Lin
  • Anime store