Video Game Room (312-315)

House Rules and Tournament Schedule

House Rules

1. No hogging games.
2. Win limit of 3 sets for fighting games, loser gives up controller.
3. No foor or drinks.
4. Respect and common courtesy.
5. For certain games such as shooters, if not many people are around, then 1v1s are allowed as long as it's kept short.
6. Don't take games outside Video Game Room.
7. Everyone will be asked to leave shortly for a 30 min. intermission.
8. Remember this is a convention open to all ages, so profanity and inappropriate adult behavior will NOT be permitted.


Smash Bros. Melee • Friday, 6:00pm

  • Single Matches
  • Double Elimination
  • Standard Stages

Smash Bros. 4 • Saturday, 12:00pm

  • Single Matches
  • Double Elimination
  • Standard Stages

Pokemon Sun and Moon • Sunday, 2:00pm

  • 2-League Tournament
    • League 1: PokePros
      • Any generation allowed
      • Megas and Z-moves are allowed
      • No legendaries or mythicals but Ultra Beasts and Tapus are allowed (Necrozma is not an Ultra Beast so he is banned)
      • Species Clause: no more than 1 of the same pokemon on the same team
      • Sleep Clause: can’t put more than 1 pokemon to sleep
      • No Soul Dew
      • Endless Battle Clause: any moveset capable of creating an endless battle is banned
    • League 2: Anything Goes
      • Anything goes—do your worst

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