Convention Rules & Conduct

FreeCon is held on Florida State University’s wonderful campus, so attendees must abide by these Convention Rules & Conduct:

FSU’s Student Union does NOT allow skateboards, bikes or motorized versions of those items to be brought inside the building. They should instead either be packed away or locked up in the appropriate outside locations. Scooters can be walked through the building, but not ridden. Service animals are permitted, but must have the necessary clothing and identification. Pets in general are not permitted in the Union. No outside alcoholic drinks are permitted and anyone who goes to the bar in the lower level of the Union must follow all their requirements for drinking in that area and that area only.

General Conduct

Use common sense when in the campus facilities. No cursing, stealing, running, shouting, or posting things on walls are allowed. Voices should be kept at an “inside” level out of courtesy for others. We strongly discourage disruptive behavior, and “Trolling” will not be tolerated. We also ask that you refrain from Public Display of Affection for your safety and the safety of others. Please maintain personal hygiene, but avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes. Overall, make sure your behavior is mature and appropriate for a college-run convention. Should you be caught disturbing others with your lack of proper conduct, you will be asked to leave the convention center. Legal action will be taken for repeated offenders.

Cosplay is Not Consent! Always ask attendees for their permission before taking a photo of their awesome cosplays.

Costumes and Weapons

Please read our costume policy here. We ask that you keep all costumes family friendly, no more explicit than PG-13. Characters exposing midriffs and other skin should keep costumes beach appropriate. The convention takes place in well-kept, carpeted areas, FSU policies state that no glitter decorations are to be used under any circumstance. No matter how crucial it is to the costume, please refrain from putting glitter on yourself.

  • Glitter: NO GLITTER ALLOWED! It is prohibited by the university.
  • Body Paint: NO BODY PAINT ALLOWED! It is prohibited by the university. Face paint is the only exception.
  • Fake Blood: NO FAKE BLOOD ALLOWED! It is prohibited by the university. Fake blood applied to the face is the only exception.


Minors under the age of 18 should always be accompanied by an adult supervisor. If you are a minor, you must sign the waiver upon check-in, and a guardian must co-sign the waiver.


Eating food is not necessarily prohibited in the building spaces, however, please kind and clean up after yourself. Do not leave wrappers, crumbs, condiments, or receipts on the floor. There is no lounge for general attendees within the floors of the convention center, but there are patios and other locations where you can sit and eat. Please make use of these spaces as you take a break from the convention.


During the event, alcohol is not permitted outside of the Proof bar in the Union Lower Level Public Space. Alcohol is not permitted to anyone under 21 years of age.


As of January 1, 2014, the Florida State University is a tobacco-free campus, and smoking on campus grounds is not permitted. 

Harassment, Assault, and Battery

Harassment is generally defined as behavior that causes the annoyance of someone. Assault is threatening to hurt someone, and battery is physically touching someone without their permission. As we all want to be safe, please avoid doing any of these actions, even if you are “playing around”. For those who feel in danger of these, please notify FreeCon Staff immediately. Violators will be asked to leave the premises, and, depending of the nature of the act, legal action may be taken.


FreeCon, Florida State University, the Japanese Animation Club of Tallahassee, its co-sponsors, staff, and affiliates are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury caused during the convention, including those caused due to negligence. Attendees are wholly responsible for their individual actions and any further repercussions that may result. We will try our best to help attendees who are in need during the convention. We will have a lost-and-found station for those needing help.


Prop Rules

“Light props” are permitted, which means props that aren’t a weapon, such as flowers, a skateboard, or a fan. Staffs, lightsabers, and bats are all considered weapons. It’s your responsibility to contact us about whether your prop qualifies or not. *No body paint, glitter, confetti, or fake blood. You may also be denied entry to the convention if you use these.

Contact Information

Any questions and or concerns? Do not hesitate to reach out!

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