Scavenger Hunt

 Welcome Scavengers, 

It looks like you want to take part in the Freecon 19 Scavenger Hunt! The rules are simple. Below, you’ll find a list of 19 things, events, or activities you can find or participate in around or within the immediate vicinity of the convention. To win your prize you need to take a picture of these list items. Once this is done, come back here (the Freecon table in the Vendor’s room) and show your pictures to the volunteer at the table to redeem your prize.  Good Luck Attendees!


  1. A pokemon (cosplay, stuffed animal, whatever you find!)
  2. Your favorite cosplay from the cosplay contest
  3. Yourself hugging a tree
  4. The FreeCon merch table
  5. Someone/yourself playing a board game 
  6. Someone/yourself playing a video game 
  7. Poster from the Vendor’s Room
  8. A character you love
  9. Merchandise featuring one of our mascots
  10. The Viewing room
  11. A performance from Idolfest
  12. Someone/Yourself singing Karaoke
  13. Something you bought at FreeCon 
  14. A FreeCon Shirt- new or old
  15. A panel you attended
  16. A selfie with a FreeCon staff or volunteer 
  17. A Drawing you made in the drawing contest
  18. Merchandise you bought from Heartstrings Cafe or Next Stage Festivals
  19. You holding a LARP weapon