Special Guests

Monarch Pearl Studio

Monarch Pearl Studios is a small costume shop out of Oklahoma. The owner of this shop, Olivia, is a professional seamstress specializing in costuming and design. She has worked with the Tulsa Ballet Company designing their costumes and winning numerous awards for her work. Her mission is to educate others and help inspire those to make their own cosplay costumes in a fun informative way.



VerglasPrince is a veteran cosplayer and advocate for Cosplay Body Positivity and POC in the Cosplay community. He fights to make sure everyone feels comfortable. He was a part of Team USA for the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup.


Instagram: verglasprince
Facebook: VerglasPrinceCosplay
TikTok: verglasprince

Cosplay MeiMei

Savannah M. known online as Cosplay MeiMei or simply Mei, began cosplaying in 2012. She is most famous for her Byakuya Togami cosplay. Mei also cosplays a number of characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Demon Slayer, and Hypnosis Microphone. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Chinese and Japanese language and cultures, studying and living in both countries for a time. She also taught Japanese at Florida State University as a master’s candidate. Her goal is to further English scholarship in Onmyōdō and Yokai, preserving an art that would otherwise be forgotten. She specializes in indigenous Chinese religion and medicine, Chinese Buddhism, Japanese Occult religion and practices, and East Asian history. She most enjoys hosting panels that cover these types of topics in relation to pop culture media.

Instagram: @meimeis_room


ELunacy is a self-taught musician who composes, produces and publishes his own music. When the time calls, he performs on stage his electronic music from his different released albums so that the public can enjoy both the music and his show!


Check out his website at: www.ELunacyOfficial.com