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About Us

FreeCon is a free-entry convention that has been running for 19 years now. We are Tallahassee’s premier anime and gaming convention, all while serving as a welcoming place to fans of any genre or franchise. FreeCon hosts events such as our Maid Cafe, Cosplay Contest, a Video Game Room, Panels, and so much more! We also invite talented Media Guests each year, including respected voice actors from your favorite shows. Every year we strive to provide our wonderful attendees with the best experience we can give.

FreeCon 19 will be held from March 4th through 5th, 2023 in the FSU Student Union, formerly known as the Oglesby Union. In past years, we filled up the Student Services Building (SSB) and the Center for Global Engagement (Globe) to capacity with over 2,000 participants per day.

FreeCon is staffed by dedicated volunteers who work the entire year in advance to ensure the convention’s success. We strive to be a positive outlet for both local Tallahassee businesses and other organizations that represent our appreciation of alternative culture. If you are interested in joining the convention staff, hosting a Panel, sponsoring us as a local business, or purchasing a table in our Vendor’s Hall and Artist Alley, please follow the appropriate links or Contact Us.