FreeCon 20 Vendors’ Hall:

A1: Creative Image Designs

Selling: t-shirts, art prints, and toys

A2: Anime Garage Cafe

Anime Garage Café is an anime themed coffee shop catering to local fans. We carry posters, stickers, keychains, sodas and ramune, coffees, boba teas, an array of candy, gum, chips, cookies, noodles. Pretty much anything else you can think of. Our new café is two years in the making and offers 2600+ sq ft of space with a separate party room available for small groups or parties. We look forward to serving you!

Selling: 3D posters, car decals, keychains, acrylic character stands, pins, and anime themed loot boxes

A3: Whimsicraft Menagerie

Whimsicraft Menagerie is a magical store full of whimsical craft! We hand-make Crochet Apparel and Plushies, as well as Jewelry and more! We’re excited to see you at FreeCon!

Selling: crochet apparel and plushies, jewelry, keychains, and decor

A4: Juno Prints

Val Shepard, the artist for Juno Prints, has created a variety of animal designs sold in the form of stickers and keychains. He loves to connect with pet and wildlife lovers, as well as fans of nintendo across the country with handmade and heartfelt designs.

Selling: stickers and keychains

A5: Pop Pastel

Cute and colorful accessories for everyone!

Selling: apparel, plushies, jewelry, pins, and stickers

B1: Tinkerlin Gaming

Selling: vinyl skins, protective cases, and accessories for modern e-gaming systems

B2: Capital City Comics and Toys

Over 500 socks, 175 hat designs, 100 lanyards and our popular mystery boxes

Selling: socks, hats, lanyards, keychains, mystery boxes, and collectable toys

B3: MatchaMango

MatchaMango is an Asian-woman owned small business that hopes to encourage self-confidence through apparel! Wear your favorite K-Pop group or Anime through tees, hats, totes, jewelry, keychains, to stickers! This shop grew from a shared love of Asian pop culture and hopes to continue to thrive from people connecting and creating a community. Stick around to see the growth of MatchaMango! <3

Selling: apparel, stickers, keychains, jewelry, and tote bags

B4: JasB

JasB is a small artist that creates art in whatever style they want to experiment with in different mediums like digital and acrylic painting.

Selling: prints and stickers

B5: Baba Yaga’s Bits and Bobs

When you step into Baba Yaga’s Bits and Bobs, you will be transported into the magic store of your dreams. There you will find a variety of tools to assist you on your adventures. Our offerings include handmade artisan dice to help you slay that gelatinous cube, fantasy jewelry and accessories to make sure you look good while doing it, and 3D printed familiars to keep you company. Stop by to shop our fantasy and role playing wares!

Selling: dice, jewelry, and decor

C1: Divine DeYent

Hey I’m Dakota. I make sculptures, jewelry, and anything else I can think of! I’m usually inspired by ancient cultures and anime. I also love working on customs with others to make truly original pieces.

Selling: jewelry, sculptures, handmade items, and custom items

C2: Inked Waifu Pins

Our merchandise is inspired by many different anime and manga characters. We also like to incorporate traditional Japanese art styles and cultural aspects into the art.

Selling: pins, prints, buttons, keychains, bracelets, tote bags, stickers, coasters, t-shirts and deco top loaders

C3: Melt Your Heart Charms

We are a partnership that creates one of a kind art made from resin, pearl or acrylic. We do take custom commissions happily, if people do not see the color or designs that they want on our table and ship out Internationally.

Selling: jewelry resin that are homemade, acrylic dice, acrylic keychains, buttons, stickers, resin dice holders, resin shakers, pearl beads, and resin charms

C4: Key to the Kingdom of Alice:Spade Queen

I am a small woman owned business specializing in kawaii, cuteness, and anime themed accessories and clothing items.

Selling: apparel and hair/clothing accessories

C5: The Threaded Scale

The Threaded Scale is pleased to provide handmade crafts with a unique twist. From crochet plushies to chainmail jewelry to prints, everything is done by hand and can be made to order.

Selling: crochet plushies, crochet bags, prints, stickers, and chainmail jewelry

C7: Beads by Sea

Jewelry that is handmade with love and enhances both your beauty and confidence.

Selling: waist beads, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets

C8: The Onigiri Stand

The Onigiri Stand features hard enamel pins of your favorite anime and video game characters transformed into adorable riceballs (onigiri)! We have a HUGE collection of characters that appear as both pins and vinyl stickers. Plus accessories like reusable sticker books, lanyards, and acrylic charms! 🍙

Selling: hard enamel pins, vinyl stickers, reusable sticker books, lanyards, washi tape, postcard prints, and acrylic charms

C9: Next Dimension Goods

We are an Anime Merchandise retailer that sells our goods at cost effective prices. We strive with our customer support and to leave our customers with a pleasant experience.

Selling: keychains, posters, hats, stickers, figures, blankets, plushies, etc.

C10: SassyTigerSuits

SassyTigerSuits is a local Fursuit maker and Artist who specializes in toony suits and plushies! They also do digital and traditional art, as well as other bits and bobs when the mood strikes.

Selling: costume parts, art, plushies, and fursuits

C11: Nobutaro Masai

A new author selling copies of his first novel, Knockout Noel, along with other merchandise.

Selling: delf-published novels, shirts, prints, plushies, pins, keychains, buttons, and Yugioh cards

C12: Arkham Games and Comics

Bainbridge and SW Georgia’s Premiere comics, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Lorcana, Pokemon and RPG gaming location! We host multiple trading card game tournaments, RGPs and board games.

Selling: Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Magic the Gathering cards, dice, stickers, keychains, and pins

D1: Toysbystacy

We are a family owned business. We sell 90’s to early 2000’s toys from your favorite childhood movies and shows growing up along with our amazing modern kawaii jewelry. We have something for everyone at our booth.

Selling: vintage Nightmare Before Christmas, Futurama, Simpsons, Pokémon, DC/ Marvel Comic action figures, dolls, figurines, signs, cards, tin wind ups and modern Japanese kawaii style jewelry

D2: Animix Avenue

We offer a mix of anime, comics, gaming, and pop culture related merchandise. From jewelry to keychains, challenge coins, wall decor, wallets, figures and collectible, prints, we try to have a bit of everything! Feel free to visit our social media and make suggestions about future merch!

Selling: jewelry, keychains, pocket watches, challenge coins, dice, tumblers, coffee cups, wallets, figures, wall scrolls, tapestries, posters, Sanrio merch, plushies, stickers, vinyl decals, gaming mats, card boxes & binders, cosplay accessories, and mouse pads

D3: Kourindou Curios

Author Brian McAfee sells his books plus anime and sci-fi themed challenge coins, T-Shirts, cast metal, and 3D printed items.

Selling: books, challenge coins, t-shirts, cast metal, and 3D printed items