Next Stage Festivals

We are so excited to announce that we are once again partnering with Next Stage Festivals to present an idol experience you won’t forget!

Mascot design by: Pitohuiart of Promotions Committee Instagram Tumblr

FreeCon 20’s Idol Fest Setlist:

Guilty Pulse

Guilty Pulse is a multi fandom dance cover group from the Central Florida area. Starting their journey in the fall of 2021, Guilty Pulse is a group of very close friends who share a similar interest in idols and dancing! Their goal is to make everyone smile with their content, and they hope to do so through their dances!

This year at FreeCon, our resident married couple is bringing to life Idolish7’s Re:Vale! You won’t want to miss out on some never before seen hidden talents from our members!

Performing: Re-Raise (Re:Vale) & Your Rhapsody (Re:Vale)

Project MPB

Here comes those silly guys from Project MPB! What does that stand for? It’s a mystery~ Project MPB is a Florida-based performance/idol group focused primarily on Vocaloid/Jpop dance and vocal covers! Project MPB consists of 4 members: Alfred, Payton, Gloria, and Momo!


Performing: Suki Kirai (Honeyworks/GigaP Remix) & Tell Me Answer (kinoshita)


Back from the dead~ Kuri brings a lively performance in a world overrun by zombies.

Is it a distraction before your demise or proof that zombies want to be loved too?

Performing: Zombie Giga Waha Remix (DECO*27) & Song of the Dead (KANA-BOON)

Midnight Til Dawn

Debuting for the first time, Midnight Till Dawn is here to fill your hearts with inspiration and love ♥ Friends for ten years, your new favorite idols are here to inspire you to shoot for the stars, no matter the time! There’s no reason to be afraid with the guardians of time by your side!

We’re here to add a smile to your day, and are aiming to lift your spirits, even in the darkest of moments. So, join us on stage as we conquer the darkest of hours, because as you know, everyone has the chance to be a star ♥

Performing: Believe Again (Saint Snow) & Dazzling White Town (Saint Snow)

mikan Pop!

POP! into a new performance with us!
mikan Pop! is a kaigai idol group from North Florida that performs classic idol and anime idol covers. We aim to deliver a refreshing performance that the audience can find new and exciting!

For FreeCon, we will be covering songs based on the nostalgic TV show, Tokyo Mew Mew. In order to protect the future of the Earth, we will be at your service! 💖🐈🫖

Performing: Cat!! してSuperGirls (Smewthie) & Megamorphose (Smewthie)

Love Force

Hello! We are Love Force, a jpop subunit of a group called Love Killer. We love to sing and dance to our favorite songs across many genres in various languages but the specific purpose of our unit is to cover Jpop.

We hope to bring a fun and joyful performance.

Performing: Automatic (Hikaru Utada)


Hi! I’m your newest local Super Idol, WREN! I can’t wait to see how you SHINE! Turn your penlights on, we’re heading for the PINK ARCADE!

Let’s see those bright smiles and loving hearts!

Performing: Connect (ClariS) & Raspberry Sweet Tea (WREN!)

Project Canis Major

Hiya! I’m Canis Major, a vocaloid, jpop idol from Florida who loves to dance, I’m happy to bring to the stage a performance with hatsune miku.

Turn those penlights teal or purple, and reach for the stars ✨

Performing: Miracle Paint (OSTER Project) & Viva Happy (Mitchie M)

Moonlit Sunflowers

Moonlit Sunflowers is an idol duo dedicated to brightening your day and illuminating your way throughout every adventure with the power of cosplay-dance fusion that places fun at the center of our work.

Though our duo spans from the gulf coast to the northeast coast our passion for idols and bringing you smiles knows no bounds!

We’re eager to bring our first project as Double Face to the stage, and bring to life this duo from Ensemble Stars! follow along as we light up your hearts and cherish every second of it!🌙🌻

Performing: Stippling (Double Face) & Nebula (Double Face)

Oritzu Idols

We are Oritzu Idols, a group of friends that gathered in the kingdom of Florida. As idols, we pour our hearts into bringing the realms of anime and Jpop to life through our captivating performances.

Coming to Freecon 2024, Oritzu is SWITCHing it up with this Nintendo based group! From Splatoon 3 we have Deep Cut!!! Nova, Sam, and Zora are ready for some INKredible times and will definitely paint this con with some sick beats~

Performing: Rainbow Anarchy (Deep Cut) & Super Weird (Inagi)

Come & watch fabulous idol groups perform at the Moore Auditorium!