FreeCon 20 Artist Alley:

A1: Mad Brake Art

Prints and other illustrated goods focused on haunting and fantastical depictions of animals, all inspired by stories and nature.

Selling: prints, keychains, stickers, sticker books, bookmarks, lanyards, and original artwork

A2: Lalaineartgeek

My business, Lalaineartgeek, focuses on character artwork, ranging from different anime’s, TV shows, and pop culture to original ideas, turned into various merchandise such as prints, stickers, and keychains.

Selling: big prints, mini prints, stickers, sticker books, acrylic keychains, acrylic & enamel pins, and original art (watercolor & ink pieces)

A3: Sopebbeads

Sopebbeads specializes in subtle anime and Kpop jewelry! All their pieces are hypoallergenic and available as clip ons!

Selling: jewelry

A4: Nekomata Co

We are the two tailed cat. We work together in sync to bring you enamel pins, prints and whatever else we think our customers might enjoy! Misu is the majority artist and shipper extraordinaire. You’ll see her most at conventions manning the booth. Roni takes care of pretty much everything else. She has two tiny yokai of her own that do not appreciate her mom jokes.

Selling: apparel, prints, enamel pins, stickers, key charms.

A5: Kittykaya

Kittykaya (Kitty-k-ah) offers size inclusive custom print dresses so anyone can enjoy the fashion comfortably. Check out our dresses with Nintendo Switch sized pockets, pet portraits and other original art merch. Kittykaya bridges the gap between comfy and cute!

Selling: size inclusive lolita dresses, j-fashion related art merch, prints, zipper totes, t-shirts, charms, stationery, and handmade accessories.

A6: Mooshi Kaik

Mooshi Kaik creates illustrations with a very soft, cute and colorful style. The art is then printed into different merch items like pins, sticker and even bags. Most items are manufactured in house by Kaik herself!

Selling: prints, keychains, pins, buttons, stickers, tote bags, cups, and mugs

A7: Mittenmeat

Fresh hand-drawn goods in a poppy style! I’ve got tons of great stickers, keychains, art prints, and more, consisting of an even blend of fan works AND original works! If you like bright, tasty colors, genuine weirdo energy, and teeth (LOTS of teeth), then you’ll love my store!

Selling: vinyl stickers, art prints, acrylic keychains/pins, and apparel

A9: Mari’s Artsy Shop

Mari’s Artsy Shop features a variety of collectibles to suit your fanart needs! Keychains, stickers, and prints are the main focus of the work included! Explore through the fan works of popular media like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Omori, and Project Sekai!

Selling: keychains, stickers, and prints

A10: Anna Jano

Original artwork in a flowing style influenced by Japanese woodblock prints, Art Nouveau, and manga. Themes include Japanese mythology, Russian mythology, and nature. Art prints, pins, and more!

Selling: art prints, framed art prints, enamel pins, t-shirts, dish towels, coloring books, and stickers

A11: Fiveboos

Ghostly goodies

Selling: apparel, keychains, and enamel pins

A12: Mountain Water Illustrations

art inspired by dreams, folklore, and the natural world

Selling: keychains, art prints, pins, stickers, and wood burned art pieces

A13: Monster Activity

Monster Activity is a spooky art brand owned by tattoo artist Lindsay Renee (@lindsayreneetattooz). They sell original art prints, stickers, pins, and blankets and apparel.

Selling: original art prints, stickers, magnets, pins, blankets, and possibly shirts

A14: Stages of Mania

Works by a lurid painter.

Selling: prints, stickers, buttons, acrylic charms, and possibly t-shirts & comics

B1: Swearwolfcola

Hey, I’m Swearwolfcola! I make fanart for video games, ttrpg actual plays, anime, and more.

Selling: prints, buttons, and stickers

B2: Bornasin

Hello! My shop includes merchandise designed by me! My heart goes into everything I make; and I hope my art can bring a smile to anyone’s day whether it be a charm, cup, plush, or even shirt!

Selling: charms, metal tumblers, stickers, shirts, plushies, body pillows, and ita bags

B3: T4zer Studios

Fan made merchandise for all! Featuring Prints, Stickers, and more!

Selling: prints, stickers, pins, etc.

B4: Darwin Rose Studio

Welcome to Darwin Rose Studio! We have a variety of fan/original merchandise ranging from popular, obscure and even new funky formers! My work itself is a mix of both traditional watercolor/gouache paintings and digital art. Our types of items include art prints, stickers, acrylic charms, phone charms, phone grips, acrylic standees, and pillow cushions.

Selling: stickers, acrylic charms, phone charms, phone grips, acrylic standees, art prints, and pillow cushions

B5: Ivanpatch

I am full time solo artist that creates hand painted anime canvases as well as stickers, prints, skate decks and totes. I’m always working constantly to create new work from new anime franchises to keep the catalog fresh as well as adding work from the classics to always have variety.

Selling: hand painted anime canvases, sticker, posters, canvas prints, and totes

B6: Gnome Depot

Howdy! Find embroidered ID holders, notebooks, patches, and more, handmade from Gnome Depot!

Selling: embroidered patches, embroidered ID holders, embroidered notebook covers, prints, buttons, and charms

B7: Witch Crafts

Witch Crafts is a team of three artists each with our own styles and specialties! We offer services in the form of Commissions, Prints, and More!

Selling: prints, buttons, stickers, keychains, commissions, and art books

B9: Nidia & Co.

Welcome to Nidia & Co, where my passion for art collides with collaborations that transcend boundaries. As an artist at heart, I partner with fellow creatives to bring handcrafted marvels and visionary designs to life. Each piece is a testament to our combined dedication and artistic flair. Join me on this exhilarating journey where my artistic vision intertwines seamlessly with the expertise of talented collaborators, resulting in breathtaking and distinctive works of art.

Selling: jewelry, photography prints, ceramics, shirts, tote bags, and hoodies

B10: DollyFangs_

DollyFangs_ is an artist, graphic designer, and vtuber! They love all things lolita fashion related which greatly inspires their work.

Selling: buttons, stickers, prints, and commissions

B11: NiceuArts

Hi everyone! I’m a small artist who loves all things anime and kpop! I love to hand make most of my items. I have a goal to become a tattoo artist and I’m reflecting that style into my pieces now.

Selling: tote bags, prints, stickers, pins, keychains, mystery bags, buttons, and beaded keychains

B12: Ugly Duck the Brand

Ugly Duck the Brand is a local AAPI owned press-on nail shop. All nails are hand painted with detail. If you love kpop and East-Asian inspired nail art, make sure to drop by!

Selling: press-on nails and nail oils

B13: monsterrobotics

monsterrobotics is an artist who loves to make 3D-printed, hand-painted accessories and merchandise of anything from cute creations to monstrous beasts. He also loves to draw for you! She can’t wait to see you at Freecon with prints, earrings, stickers, and fun!

Selling: jewelry, stickers, art prints, and photography prints