Starting this year, we have included a prop and bag check as part of our check in process.

For more information regarding prop rules, please visit this page:


While FreeCon 20 is a free-entry convention, all participants are required to fill out the waiver form at registration or through pre-registering online. Main registration will be held outside the Moore Auditorium.

Those who pre-registered must also report to this location to check in.

Minors will be required to register the day of the convention, along with a legal adult. Minors are required to have a legal adult supervise them throughout the convention.

If a minor does not have an adult with them, they will not be permitted to enter FreeCon 20.


75 N Woodward Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32306


After 10 PM on Friday, on-campus parking is completely open. During the weekend, you can park anywhere on-campus for free without a parking permit. We also suggest that you refer to the specific signage provided by each parking garage/lot, as it might slightly differ from each location.

The closest parking garages/lots to the Union include Woodward Garage and Lot 225. The locations marked by a capital ‘P’ designate where parking is available.

Because FSU students also utilize parking, please note that parking spaces are not abundant; we highly suggest carpooling or walking to FreeCon 20 in order to ensure that as many attendees as possible are able to find parking.

For up-to-date parking information, make sure to download the ParkMobile App. Please see the following page for more information regarding Visitor/Guest Parking: